The LORD watches over us!

Psalm 121:7 “The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life.”

This psalm gives us the now-famous line, “where does my help come from? It comes from the Lord.” The author gives numerous points on how God helps us by never sleeping, keeping an eternal vigil over us, and even protecting us from the weather. The beauty of the psalm is summed up in the above line — “The LORD keeps [us] from all harm and watches over [our lives].”

Is it not refreshing to know that God keeps us from all harm and watches over us? Now, that is not to say that we won’t suffer and endure hardship for the sake of Jesus’ name because He and Peter and Paul all inform and teach us that we will indeed suffer for the cause of God’s kingdom. We are even to count it all joy! Why? Because those that persevere to the end are the ones that will receive their reward from Christ himself for the works they did on earth in this lifetime.

The very day that I wrote this piece, I had been battling with some fear in my life that I usually did not struggle with because I know that God does not give me fear and that his perfect love dispels fear. However, there was a potentially lethal health issue in my body in its earliest stage. I began fretting over it even though I had been praying for healing and quoting God’s Word over the situation, but the thing stared at me day after day. I began wondering if my life would one day be snuffed out and cut short because of it.

Then, during the church service on this day, God spoke to me prophetically through my pastor in prayer and told me not to worry about those things that could happen. Instead God told me to pray his will be done on earth as in heaven and for the kingdom of God to come to earth. God assured me that my life is not in danger of death anytime soon because there is a work to be done. This knowledge of pure love and care for me as God watches over me dispelled the fear immediately and renewed my strength in my spirit and fostered a greater determination to do the will of the Father as he dictates.

Whether by person, illness or some other means, nothing can harm me. Psalm 91 says that the harms of this world will not come near my dwelling. Sure, I may endure some hardships along the way, but I have renewed strength and determination because my God watches over me and my life. I don’t have to fear death any longer (not that I regularly did)! Come what may I am in the Father’s hands, and nothing can snatch me out of them or separate me from his love. With a refreshed outlook on the future, there is nothing able to stop me from doing the work God called me to do. He will see to completion the good work he started in me.

Father, thank you for protecting me from evil and harm. Thank you for watching over my life and sparing me from eternal death. You also spared me from attempts on my physical life by satan when I was an infant, toddler, teenager, and even as a grown man. He used to bombard me with thoughts of doing myself harm, but you even protected me from those times also. Every day that I am alive gives me cause to celebrate the goodness you have shown me in extending my life that day. The work you have given me is not completed. Thus, I know that I have many days to come in this life. It encourages me to be bolder, stronger, and more active in service to you. Thank you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.