Enjoy the fruit of your labor!

Psalm 128:2a “You will enjoy the fruit of your labor.”

This short, joyous psalm speaks of the blessing that God pours out on his people. It manifests in several ways. God prospers us, increases the number of our families with spouses and children, gives us long life, and allows us to enjoy grandchildren too!

Solomon wrote that we are able to enjoy the fruit of our labors. In fact the statement is more a prophetic one in nature because he said, “You will enjoy…”, alluding to a future time. The Bible centers around an agrarian society despite the technological advances made during the course of time over which it was written. We read continually of “seed time and harvest,” “Lord of the harvest,” parables of wheat and tares, and other labor-intensive events focused on husbandry.

Farming is a hard vocation that requires lots of patience and understanding and wisdom. The farmer has to know when to plant seed, when to harvest crops, when to care for the crops all the while being dependent upon God to supply the needed sunshine and rain and nutrients to grow the crops. All of these events require work, especially in biblical times. Cultivating the land required tilling it to turn over the soil and remove any rocks and other unwanted debris to allow good soil to grow crops. Then seed was planted by hand in each row and eventually watered. As the crop grew, weeds would grow along side the crop, which required their removal to prevent competition for nutrients needed by the crop. Then harvest time would come requiring the cutting down and gathering of the crop. This was all work!

If the weather did not cooperate with the farmer or crops failed for any number of reasons, the harvest would yield little if any crop at all. However, in those years where bumper crops occurred, it meant plenty for all. The harvest time is the time when we get to enjoy the fruit of our labor from farming. The fruit and/or vegetables cover our tables as we partake of their life-giving and life-sustaining nutrients all the while enjoying the wondrous flavors. We can also enjoy the fruit of our labors as we work for God. Paul tells us that some of us plant seed while others water seed. Then it is God that gives the increase, but we participate in the harvest of souls as well. When we witness to others, we are planting and watering. When that soul accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior, the harvest is collected giving us the thrill of enjoying the fruit of our labor (planting/watering seed).

So, keep on planting and watering as God’s Spirit leads you, but take time to stop and smell the roses of those that come to know God through your labor of love!

Father, Jesus told us to pray to you, the Lord of the harvest, to send out labors into the fields that are white unto harvest. Please do so. You told me to pray your will, so I am praying that you send out harvesters to gather in the crop of souls that are ready to enter the Kingdom. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy the fruit of my labors when I experience a soul coming home to you! Thank you, also, for allowing me to enjoy the fruit of my physical labor through the work I do on the job. May there be many days to come in which I may enjoy the fruit of the labor I do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.