Nothiing can take God’s love away from us.

Ecclesiastes 8:7a “Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.”

In his ultimate song of love, Solomon expresses his utmost desire for his bride, the Shulamite woman. They trade romantic quips and deep, sincere thoughts of their love for one another. It is obvious from the text that there is no doubt about the deep eros love that exists between this husband and wife. It is so strong that nothing can tear it down because it is real love.

Just as the love that exists between my wife and I consists of our mutual desire for one another and must be so strong that nothing life throws at it should be able to tear us apart, nothing should be able to come between our love for God and his reciprocated love for us. That bond should be so strong and desirous that nothing in the world should or could be able to draw us away from our first love, God, or our spouses.

God loves us so much and with such deep desire that he gave his only Son, Jesus, as the payment for our rebellion and rejection of him. God offered himself as a sacrifice to woo us back to him along with all that would and will answer his call.

Think of the strongest chemical bond that you can think of either ionic or covalent. No matter how strong that bond is there is a greater force that break it apart and separate out the base elements that combined to make that bond. Water tends to be the one substance that break many a chemical bond simply by dissociating the elements into an aqueous solution. The elements are all there, but now dissolved in water, they are split apart and flow in the new solution. God in his infinite wisdom created water with peculiar properties to be the one substance on earth to help sustain life and does so through its ability to dissolve most compounds.

The bond of real, true love should be so strong between husband and wife that no force on earth could pull it apart. Our love for God should be the same and even more so because it is he that has made us and not we ourselves. We are the created while he is the Creator. How is the strength of the bond of your love with God? Is it strong enough to survive temptations from people, things, or ideas that present themselves as other gods to you? Israel was to model the ideal for the world of a love relationship with God, but they whored after other gods and abandoned their first love – Yahweh! Jesus even addressed the church of Ephesus in the book of Revelation and told them that he knew their works but had this against them, they had forsaken their first love – Him!

Let us each examine our hearts and search out with the Spirit’s help anything and everything that is trying or does steal our affection away from God. God says that he will not share his glory with another and that he is a jealous God. He demands that there be no other gods before him. Who do you serve? Choose this day. Tell me who will serve? Let nothing stand in the way. Give the praise he deserves. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord – through our bond of love.

Father, I am reminded of the Gaither Band song “The Bond of Love” in which they write that we have “joined our spirits with the Spirit of God. We are one in the bonds of love.” Let our love for each other grow only stronger each day. I am seeking after you with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength because I want nothing less than your best for me. Also, I want to give nothing short of my best to you. NOTHING can steal your love away from me. I give my whole heart to you. Thank you for loving me so strongly that you gave everything to make me your own. I LOVE YOU! In Jesus’ name, Amen.