Your sins are at the bottom of the ocean.

Micah 7:19b “You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea.”

God brought charge after charge against Israel for her idolatry and rebellion toward him; however, he also spoke of his love for Israel and offered her an opportunity to turn from her sins and be redeemed. God always presented mercy along with his judgments. He gave man time to turn from his wrongs and serve him before bringing forth the execution of his judgment. It was no different in the prophecy of Micah. Although God used him like others to bring a message of impending punishment, part of the message included God’s love and mercy for Israel. At the end of his message, Micah tells us that God will cast all of Israel’s sins into the depths of the sea. They were God’s chosen people and still are. We, Christians, are part of God’s chosen people. The message applies to us also. God forgives us of our sins and then casts them into the depths of the sea.

There are spots in the oceans on the face of earth that stretch over five miles deep. No one has ever been to the bottom of the ocean at those depths. Some animals live down there by God’s design, but humans have yet to explore the vast depths of the oceans. In Micah’s day, no one had ventured to the bottom of the ocean except in the shallows around ports and along beaches because the technology did not exist in their day to allow such deep-sea exploration. Thus, with great confidence and inspiration from God’s Spirit, Micah wrote that God casts our sins into the depths of the ocean. From that perceived depth they could never be retrieved. They were gone for good, you might say.

When Jesus died on the cross,  he paid the price that allowed God to pardon our sins forever. Under the Old Covenant sins were paid for temporarily by the blood of animals, which could not take away or pardon the sins but merely commuted the sentence of death for a short while from one year to the next or from one sin to the next. The human sacrifice of Jesus, a perfect person, qualified for total pardon of all humanity’s sins, past, present and future. Thus, we truly have our sins cast into the bottom of the sea. Elsewhere the Bible says that God does not remember our past sins once forgiven. In fact, when he looks at us, he does not see the stain of sin upon us but only the blood of Jesus shed on the cross. Jesus’ blood atonement paid in full the price we owed for our sins. Isn’t it great to have been set free from the death sentence of sin and to have it never brought back up from the pit where it belongs?

Father, I thank you for not holding sin against me this day. Your Son paid a debt he did not owe and one I could not pay. Without your grace and faith given to me, I would be forever lost to you because of my sins. Through the life purchasing power of Jesus’ sacrifice, I am able to be a part of your family, kingdom and circle of friends. I am nothing without you. Oh the joy that floods my soul because of the work you did in me, because of the work you did period! The idea of knowing that my past sins are in the tank brings a peace to my heart and joy to my soul. Thank you again for loving me enough to pardon me eternally from my death sentence in hell. Giving you thank in Jesus’ name, Amen.