God operates on his schedule not ours.

Jeremiah 42:7 “Ten days later the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah.”

There was a very small remnant of people still residing in Judah after the siege led by Nebuchadnezzar. The man he appointed to be governor had been murdered, and the Jews feared retaliation. Thus, they sought out Jeremiah to speak to God for them and find out what God intended for them to do. They swore to follow God’s instructions once Jeremiah had word from God. It took 10 days for Jeremiah to receive a message from God concerning this vestige of his people. They eventually disregarded the Lord’s message and would later suffer for it.

Often times, people become impatient with God and want an answer to their question, petition, or desperation immediately. They are so distraught by their emotions and the state of their current situation that they are reluctant to trust in God and hear what he has to say. Now, this bunch in Jeremiah’s day did wait upon the word of God, but they ultimately rejected that word. They might as well have not bothered to do have done so.

I have had issues in my life where I desired an answer to prayer or petition regarding momentous events, but the answer was not always immediately forthcoming. I had to learn the hard way that God operates on his time table and not according to our demands, wishes, or desires. God is outside of time in the fourth dimension. He sees all of time as one giant panorama.

Given the fact that he is the omniscient one; we had best learn to rely upon him and wait upon his word before striking out into the world. The road to hell is paved with good intentions they say, but I want to be one who remains sensitive to the voice and Spirit of God and obeys the instruction given when it arrives. Becoming impatient and demanding something from God smacks of pride, arrogance, and rebellion. We also know that God resists the proud, so not waiting on him and heeding his word will only delay any response we could expect from him unless it is an expression of his righteous judgment, eh?

Father, once again you prove to me that you are in complete control and operate according to your good pleasure. I can only be humble and accept what you provide. I wait on you to complete the good work you started in me. Your word is true, and you always come through on it, as you see fit because you what is best. Thank you for looking out for my best interests. Your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.