There is sin in the camp!

Ezekiel 8:17a “He said to me, ‘Have you seen this, son of man? Is it a trivial matter for the people of Judah to do the detestable things they are doing here?'”

Ezekiel was in his house accompanied by the elders of Judah. While he was consulting with them, the Lord snatched him away by the Spirit into a vision. In the vision, God showed him the detestable practices of idolatry and other heinous acts the people of Israel committed in the temple and all across the land. They worshiped idols, mourned for gods, and even bowed to the sun. After having shown him all these detestable things, God asks Ezekiel if it is a trivial matter for his people to do these things?

The events transpired late in the history of Judah, as a people. Their entire country was consumed in idol worship save the true remnant that worshiped only the living God of Israel. The depraved condition of Judah and Israel (upper kingdom) are really no different from the spiritual condition of the church today. Millions upon millions of people claim to be the children of God but really are of their father, the devil. They come to the house of God dressed in their ‘Sunday best’ and drive their fancy cars and even bring a tithe into the church, but as Isaiah said of the Jews, their lips praise God with their hearts far from him.

I call these people, phoney-baloney, plastic, so-called, self-professing Christians, at best. They occupy every church in America and Europe and to a lesser degree in the rest of the world. The Western hemisphere is full of people who trust more in their gods of money (paper/wood), gold and silver (metal), houses (wood and stone), and their credit cards (plastic, the modern-day late comer to the scene, which didn’t exist in biblical days). They come to the house of God to sing songs, hear a sermon, drop some money in the coffer, and even talk with others only to retreat to their homes in the darkness of their bedrooms and elsewhere to serve their father, the devil, in all sorts of detestable practices.

They continue their onslaught Monday morning as they head into the office or workplace playing the role of the hypocrite. They lie to clients and coworkers, they steal office supplies, and cheat on the job to get ahead at whatever the cost. They bow to the god of aggression, the god of achievement, the god of success, the god of money, the god of self-glorification, the god of make-me-feel-good, and any and every other false god they can imagine all the while professing to be followers of Yahweh, the one, true God. You may know some of these types of people, who are closet idol worshipers but open hypocrites. We are to love them with the love of God by confronting them about their sins and witness to them and pray for them. They are the ones who invite the false teachers and prophets into our sanctuaries, who try to lead God’s people astray from the truth. Don’t be deceived, the Bible says. Be on your guard concerning them.

There are even some flagrant types in the body of Christ. There are the women who dress no differently than the world and expose their bodies off with no shame or remorse. They are serving the gods of lust and sensual desire not the living God, Yahweh. There are men who pursue these women and are serving the gods of greed and lust and moral depravity and not the God of the Bible. There are pastors who stand behind pulpits and say and do nothing to speak to their people about sin because their own lives are wrecked with sin or are afraid of losing parishioners that will empty the till. There are other pastors who are nothing less than false teachers leading their entire congregations into the pit of hell. IT IS TIME GOD’S PEOPLE TAKE A STAND FOR PURITY AND HOLINESS AND COME OUT OF THE WHORE OF BABYLON! HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HER! TURN FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS AND LIVE! WHY DIE IN YOUR SINS? DECLARES THE LORD!!!!

Father, many of your people have backslidden into sin and are living no differently than the world. Will you not stir up the hearts of your people and begin to cleanse the temple(s) of the Holy Spirit as you did in the 2nd Temple in your days here on earth when you drove out the money changers and thieves, who occupied the house of prayer? How can we get our people to come to the light of your truth and stop these detestable practices that they do in secret and also carry on and into your house of worship? I know it infuriates you to see this going on again in our day in the lives of ‘your people’ as it occurred in the days of your people, Israel! The days grow closer to the return of your Son to receive unto himself the true remnant of believers who love you and serve you for the express purpose of your good pleasure, for which we were created. Let holiness come back to the house of God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.