God’s judgments are true & just.

Revelation 16:7 “And I heard the altar respond: ‘Yes, Lord God Almighty, true and just are your judgments.’”

The third set of angels had begun to release the last group of ‘judgments’ upon the rebellious inhabitants of the earth. Immediately after the third bowl judgment is poured out, we hear voices from the altar in heaven declare that the LORD’s judgments are true and just. The whole of the book of Revelation is just that a revelation to the apostle John of Jesus not as the suffering servant, by which he knew Jesus while alive on earth, but as the coming Righteous King, as the high priest of the order of Melchizedek, which in Hebrew means the Righteous King!

So often we focus on the idea that God is love, which he is, but part of that selfless love is the righteous side of God that demands payment for sin by someone. For those that have sinned in life, even by mere birth alone, require a payment of sin. If they believe Jesus was raised from the dead with the hearts and confess Jesus is LORD, then their payment has been paid by the suffering servant of God, Jesus, when he first came to the earth to dwell among men. Those that refuse to believe on Christ and accept his love gift of eternal life through grace by faith will pay their own debt to God for the sins they have committed. That price is steep. It is the price of death, the second death–eternal separation from God spent living in torment in the flames, fire, and sulfur of the lake of fire that never quenches and where worms never die eating human flesh. This view may seem harsh, but we should thank the living God that he is separate and above us being pure and holy. His holiness requires separation from all evil and sin. If not, there would be no need of hell, and all could live and  be king! There is only one Righteous King, that is Jesus the Anointed One. He is the chosen One of Israel. Yes, he loved us enough to die for our sins, but his love also demands true justice from those that don’t accept his rulership as LORD. Those that do receive a pardon from their sins while the rebels meet the just and true fate they lay upon themselves–eternity in hell. Which path do you want to follow? Seek God and receive his pardon and love gift of eternal life today!

Father, thank you for giving us Jesus as the love gift of the eons and of eternity. Without your sacrifice, none of us would have been able to have a personal, intimate relationship with you, our LORD and Creator. We all deserve die, which is our true and just judgment, but you allow those that call on the name of your Son to be saved by your grace through faith in you. Those that say how can a ‘loving’ God allow people to die and go to hell don’t understand that you give people the choice, a free choice I might add, to live for you or to die for themselves. The choice is given to each person to make that decision. Help me share the love of your gospel to all. I pray that many will make the choice I did to love you and serve you and thereby miss the true and just judgments of God in the days to come. Again, thanks, Dad, for your love! I love You! In Jesus’ name, Amen.