Israel belongs to the Jews forever!!!

Genesis 13:15 “All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring forever.”

Abram and Lot had outgrown the land they used to feed and raise their livestock. There was just not enough pasture land to support the animals of both men. In fact the cramped conditions cause arguments to break out between the employees of both men. Abram told Lot to take first choice of the land around them. Whatever direction Lot went, Abram was going to go in the opposite direction. Lot chose the Jordan Plain with its fertile valleys. Abram went west into the land of Canaan, where God told him that his descendants would own (or possess) the land of Canaan, Israel, forever!

Why is it that most people in the world don’t understand this land grant given to the Hebrew people? We clearly read that God, Himself, spoke a promise to Abram that his descendants would own the land of Canaan forever. There is no doubt about it. Yes, there was a condition of obeying God’s laws and commandments in order for them to remain in the land, but that stipulation did not prevent them from possessing the land forever. God always has a remnant of His people who love and obey Him. To these Hebrews the land of Canaan would be an eternal possession. It is too bad that so many muslim and arab peoples want to try to annihilate the Hebrews off the face of the map and push Israel into the sea. They only do it for two reasons: jealousy of a brother and the devil using family to destroy family. In the end, the chosen people of God, the Jews, will inherit and possess the land of Israel for eternity. It is a God-given promise. No man or amount of military might will ever prevent it from happening. The devil has absurdly tried again and again to rid the earth of God’s chosen people, but he fails every time because God owns the earth and everything in it.

Father, I pray for the peace of Jerusalem as the psalmist instructed us to do. It is Your city with Zion being Your mountain. You placed Your name there long ago and even showed up there as the King of Salem, King of Peace. There is only one King of Peace, and that is You, LORD. You were the one who received the tithe of Abram after the defeat of the kings that waged war against the kings of the Jordan Plain and the rescue of Lot from captivity. I rejoice at the notion that my adopted brothers, true Hebrew believers, will possess the land of Canaan as their inheritance forever. It is not a matter of if but when. You said it, and it will be so. The muslims cannot stop it, the devil cannot stop it, and the anti-Semite cannot stop it. Thank you for Your faithfulness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.