The LORD is gracious and does what He promises.

Genesis 21:1 “Now the LORD was gracious to Sarah as he had said, and the LORD did for Sarah what he had promised.”

In this account we learn of the pregnancy of Sarah and the subsequent birth of Isaac, the son of promise. The very first line of this passage states that God was gracious to Sarah, who was barren and allowed her to become pregnant with Isaac. The second half of the above-mentioned verse notes that the LORD did what He had promised. God didn’t have to let Sarah bear children; however, He loved Abraham and Sarah enough to use them to be the progenitors of the nation that would give rise to the Savior of the world, Jesus. God did what He promised, a child was born of the seed of Abraham. The child would go on to have a son, who had 12 sons of his own from which one named Judah would have a grandson named David, who would be the father of the kingly line through the King of kings would be born on earth.

What a wonderful thing to read! God is gracious and delivers on His promises!! It took a while, 14 years, before the child Isaac would be conceived after the birth of Ishmael. At age 90, well beyond child-bearing years, Sarah conceived and had a child through whom our Savior would come. God said it, and it was so. Again, the LORD did not have to do this thing through Abraham and Sarah, but He chose to extend His love and grace to them anyway. He promised them a child of their doing, and they had Isaac. Oh how precious is our God! He loved us enough to give His one and only Son, Jesus, as a sacrifice for the payment of our sins through the agonizing torture of death on the cross. God promised to Abraham that his Seed would bless the nations of the world. You and I are able to partake of the family of God and be a part of the family of God because of this promise that God honored and fulfilled through Abraham and Sarah.

We need to look hard and long at this passage to learn the lesson that God does what He says He will do. He does not go back on His Word. He cannot. If God lies, then all creation is a farce. If God is not faithful, then we don’t have a chance of spending eternity with Him. Instead we would all spend eternity in hell. If God is not true, then our faith is pointless. Because God is true and faithful, we can be assured of the fact that those of us who are His children will one day spend the rest of eternity with Him and all who are called by Him. Are you a member of God’s family? Do you want in on the good things God has said and promised? Seek Him today while there is still time.

Father, again You speak to me about the lesson of trusting You to do what You have spoken. From the very beginning it has been Your method to speak it and watch it happen. You said it, and it was so. How simple a concept! However, we tend to distrust that faithful and true saying because the human condition doesn’t want to believe in what it cannot comprehend with the five senses. I have heard it said that the gates of hell number in five: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. The flesh is the key to the gates of hell. The flesh desires to have all things temporal rather than relying upon and trusting in You to provide. Help me to always seek first Your kingdom and righteousness. I know that You know what I have need of before I even ask You. By seeking Your kingdom and righteousness, You promised to provide for and to me the necessities of life. Thank you for doing so. I work to meet my end by trusting in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.