Don’t let life distract you from God’s work.

Exodus 5:9 ”Make the work harder for the people so that they keep working and pay no attention to lies.”

God gave Moses instructions to go before Pharaoh and tell him to release God’s people to allow them to go to the desert and make a sacrifice unto Him. Pharaoh looked at Moses and Aaron and basically asked them if they were out of their minds. He told them to get back to work and to stop filling the heads of the people with lies about God. The Hebrews had become great in number and were a vast resource of cheap, slave labor for Egypt. Pharaoh was not about to let go of his economic base for nothing. Thus, he told his foremen to increase the work load of the Hebrews to keep their minds occupied and not on the “lies” Moses had told them.

Have you ever been in a situation where you know God has spoken to you about doing something for Him? Then, the world seems to just throw everything it has at you to get you distracted and prevent you from doing what God told you to do. The devil and band of minions have nothing better to do than distract the believer. I was once told that if satan can’t get you to stop following God, his forces will do their best to get you off track or even get behind you and push you harder and faster than the pace God set for you. Why? If he can just get you off track by even a degree, you will miss the target God set in place. It is actually quite simple geometry.

Imagine if you will a starting point on a map. We have all learned that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Now let’s say that you are flying an airplane from point A to point B along that straight line you mapped out for your flight plan. Then somewhere along the flight path, you veer off course by only 1 degree. At first, the difference is so negligible that you don’t notice anything because you seem to still be headed toward your planned destination. However, after a while, you notice that nothing you are passing looks like the landmarks on your map along that flight path. Eventually you realize that you have missed your mark and are now several hundred miles from your destination and will have to rechart a new course to get to your final destination. That little difference of just 1 degree actually had a tremendous effect on the trip but also on the time it took to get where you were going.

Satan does the same thing to us. God sets out a course for our lives and teaches us to not veer to the left or the right but to trust in Him and allow Him to be the lamp unto our feet and the light to our path. So long as we don’t veer off course, we will arrive at the destination God charted. However, if we allow satan to distract us even for a little bit, we often will make a wrong turn somewhere along life’s path and delay the mission that God set for us. We may eventually get back on the right track, but there will be trials and tribulations along the way that may not have had to be experienced had we just stuck to God’s plan and not followed our distraction. Jesus taught us that there are four types of soil among believers. One of them is productive soil that grows both wheat and weeds. The weeds, however, when left unchecked and unplucked, choke out the wheat. The weeds are the cares of life that can overcome a person and get their mind off the wheat, Word of God or God’s plan, and be consumed by the distractions of life.  We are to be vigilant not to be that type of soil. We want and need to be good, productive soil free of weeds/distractions.

Father, why do I allow some of the littlest things in life to become major distractors?  It seems like the more I want to good at work, the more cumbersome work life becomes. It has become no longer a joy to work where I do. I want to do well and do my job, which I do, because You say to do all things as unto You, the LORD, rather than to men as men pleasers. I don’t seek the approval of men only You. Help me to have a great attitude on the job and to be a better witness of Christ while on the job. Although there are many things I don’t care for or like that are done where I work, You have given me employment there, and so long as I am there, I must learn to be content with what I have and be thankful that You provide. Forgive me for my rant and rave. I repent and accept Your chastisement if needed. I love You even when You correct me. I just want Your will to be done and not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.