Doing all God asks, even in the face of opposition.

Exodus 11:10 “Moses and Aaron performed all these wonders before Pharaoh, but the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and he would not let the Israelites go out of his country.”

Moses had become the pro tempore leader of the Israelites along with Aaron, his brother, as his spokesman. Together they delivered the Word of the LORD to Pharaoh regarding the release of God’s chosen people to allow them to journey into the wilderness where they would celebrate a festival unto God and offer sacrifices unto Him. 10 times Moses and Aaron appeared before the king, who refused to release the people of God until the fatal and final act of God’s judgment upon Egypt, the death of the firstborn sons. Each time God told Moses and Aaron to do something in regards to the plagues, the Bible says they performed all the wonders of God before Pharaoh. They were not slack concerning the fulfillment of their roles in delivering God’s messages.

Although Moses’ and Aaron’s messages and signs were meant to be judgments upon Egypt for oppressing God’s people for 400 years, they nevertheless were the Word of God. These servants/ministers of God’s Word never failed at any time before Pharaoh to do what God told them to do. If God said it, then they did it. It was that plain and simple to them. They obeyed God out of love for Him. The interesting note is that God expects us, the modern believer, to do the same thing. When He speaks, we listen and obey. It really is that simple, but we make it harder on ourselves than need be. When I read of the acts of obedience of God’s servants in the Bible, I am often reminded of the words of the song, “Trust and Obey.” The line of that song that captures the heart of our love for God is the line, “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way than to trust in Jesus.” Let us learn to follow their example of obedience and do so out of love for the Father in appreciation of the sacrificial gift He gave us in the atoning blood of His Son–Jesus, the perfect Lamb of sacrifice.

Father, I receive great encouragement and chastisement from reading the accounts of Moses and Aaron appearing before the god of the world in their day–Pharaoh–and demonstrating the love and power of God before the children of satan in judgment and in blessing upon the children of God. I am encouraged and inspired to stand strong in my witness before the world and to boldly proclaim the Word of God to this lost and dying world even in the face of opposition from the prince of the air. On the other hand I sense a bit of chastisement for not having done more to boldly stand and proclaim Your Word to the house of God first and then to the world. Help me to be more diligent and active in being Your witness to those that need You. I aspire to be like Your humble servants of old including Your Son, Jesus. May I serve You in all truth, humility, and in Your Spirit. In Jesus’ name, Amen.