Living a holy life before God.

Leviticus 22:9 “The priests are to perform my service in such a way that they do not become guilty and die for treating it with contempt. I am the LORD, who makes them holy.”

Again we continue reading of the rules for priestly conduct and how they are to present themselves before God along with the various commands God spoke about daily living in regards to conduct to Him and the holy things (i.e., sacrifices). For the priests, however, they were not to do anything other than what God prescribed. Aaron’s sons died for bringing profane (unauthorized) fire before God’s earthly throne. God spoke the selected verse to Moses and the priesthood to warn them not to take lightly their service to God. It was He that made them holy. They were to remain undefiled and clean in order to be able to serve the Most High.

What a mess the Western church is in today, particularly the church of America filled with its money-grubbing cheats and false prophets. There are so many liars and sons of Satan operating behind the pulpits of America that it is enough to make one want to vomit. Just think of the number of “ministers” that have been outed on TV in the last 4 decades and the numerous scandals in which they took part. I won’t name them, but their names are well-known to most.

If you are a minister of God teaching and/or preaching to members of the flock, you had best be careful about your conduct and relationship with God. I am not preaching legalism here, but a reminder to all of the “cloth” that our role as teachers and preachers required greater allegiance that the average believer. We will be held to a higher standard before God because He has entrusted us with His sheep. He expects us to live exemplary lives as examples for those we lead. We will fail and mess up at times, but we must strive to be the best God made us to be. We can only do it with the power of the Holy Spirit. Those who number among the false prophets/teachers and those caught up in scandals operated out of their power and ability rather than relying upon the source of holiness-YHWH!

If you are not of the clergy but a lay person, then I urge you strongly to read the Word of God for yourself to prove the truth your pastor or teacher gives you. Make sure the word you receive truly is the Word of God. The more noble Bereans did so with every word Paul spoke. They sought for themselves the truth of God’s Word. They had intimacy with God because of it, for they knew themselves what God had said. The lay person is also responsible for living a holy life before God because we are ALL called to be Christ’s witnesses to the world and make new converts, baptize them, disciple them, and teach them all Jesus commanded. You don’t get off that easy!

Father, help me as an entrusted servant of Your Word to live a life of such good conduct that I appear as the light of Jesus with such a strong attraction for the truth of Your love that it would be like bugs drawn to light in the night. I don’t want people to see me, but I do want them to see my good deeds that they may glorify You and want to be a part of Your family. I repent of my past conduct that has not been edifying to others nor brought glory to You. Show me areas needing change by Your Spirit. I am open to correction, rebuke, chastisement as needed. I want to emulate You in all I think, say, and do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.