Does God speak & not act; promise & not fulfill?

Numbers 23:19 “God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?”

Israel had defeated Sihon and Og, two kings of the Amorites. They were now entering into the territory adjacent to the territory of Balak, another city-king. He realized that his forces were not strong enough to defeat Israel’s army, so he called for a seer to curse Israel in hopes that he would then be able to defeat Israel. Balaam, the seer, said that he had to inquire of God about the situation, which he did. God told him to not curse Israel because they are blessed of God. Balaam would not curse them because of God’s Word. In his second response to Balak, Balaam  stated that God does what He says He will do because God is not human and will not and cannot lie. Thus, Israel would be blessed.

The Word of God is a very interesting thing. It is alive, quick, sharper than a two-edged sword, penetrating, piercing, convicting, true, a name, life-giving, eternal, source of hope, provision, food, and so much more, but most importantly, it is God the Son, Jesus (John 1:1). The Word of God to Balaam was to tell Balak that God is not human and thus not subject to the whims and habits of man. God does not say something and then not do it. Balaam was in short telling Balak that God blessed Israel, and they would remain that way (so long as the obeyed God’s Law–God’s Word).

For us we can draw the conclusion that what God has said He would do He will do. If God truly gave you a promise or spoke something prophetic to you, know this. God will bring it to pass. Many times we get frustrated with God because we receive His Word in such fashion and don’t see it happening when and where and how we think it should be. God is omnipotent and omniscient thereby knowing when the best time events should occur. If He knows the number of hairs on every person’s head, then we can be sure He knows better than we do. He also has the power to do what He says in that perfect timing. If He can cause us to be healed and make us grow, which we can’t, then He can make happen what He states.

Here is the bottom line of this lesson. Paul taught the Philippians that he prayed for them always and that he was confident that God would bring to fruition the good work God had started in them until the day of Jesus. If the Spirit of God had Paul say that to the Philippian church, then you can count it being true for you too! God will finish what He starts in you. In Isaiah, God said that doesn’t he bring to life that which has been birthed within? Does he cause the womb to be pregnant only then to abort the new life? God forbid! Additionally, we learned in our recent exposition of Genesis that during Creation, God spoke things into existence (by His Word–Jesus, see  Col. also), and it was so. Six times in Genesis 1 we read that God spoke it, and it was so.

God does what He says He will do! Moses called Him the faithful God! He is true and faithful! The LORD finishes what He starts. He leaves nothing undone. It may not happen just like or when we want, but if we are trusting, faithful, and patient, we will see the end of His work in our lives!!!!!!!

Father, thank You for being the faithful God! Thank You for being the truthful God!! I repeat the words of Your servant ,Paul, Let God be true and every man a liar! By Your right hand and outstretched arm You are able to accomplish everything. There is nothing too difficult for You!!! Again, You bring to the point of illumination that You are able and will do what You have said. There are things that You have spoken to me, about me, and through me that are yet to transpire, but I hold on to the promise that You speak and then act and promise and then fulfill. May it be so Lord, as You deem appropriate. In Jesus’ name, Amen.