Tell the whole truth and nothing but.

Numbers 29:40 “Moses told the Israelites all that the LORD commanded him.”

God had given Moses instructions about the various festivals and their associated offerings as well as those connected with daily, weekly, and monthly sacrifices. Moses explained in detail how old and what type of sacrifice was needed for the different offerings. Without error, he told them everything the LORD commanded.

How often do we tell people exactly what God has said? And not just that but all that God said? People are often in the habit of saying, “Thus saith the LORD…” and it is not even from God, or they pick and choose what to say. Sometimes people do this out of fear for retribution or offending someone because of the truth. The truth of the matter is that we cannot stop the truth from being offensive because people have sin in their lives and are convicted by truth when confronted with it.

As Christians we are not to offend others for the sake of claiming our “rights” within our freedom and liberties in Christ; however, we are to speak the truth to all people, which may cause an offense if sin is present in them. We cannot stop that, that conviction/offense is the work of the Holy Spirit in the person’s life. When we witness to an unbeliever, we must season our speech with salt and be gracious, but we must also confront the sin in their lives with the Word of God. If they are receptive, they will seek salvation of the LORD. If they are hardened in their heart, they will refuse the truth and be offended.

Therefore, let us speak the truth in love to all whether saved or not. To our brethren, we don’t want to lay up a stumbling block of offense, but with the unbeliever we don’t want to shy away from the truth that may offend for the sake of their eternity. It is a fine line to walk, but with the guidance of the Spirit we can do and say the right things in the appropriate manner and time.

Father, help me to always stop and think before I speak. I want to be able to say like Jesus that I only do what I see the Father do and say what the Father tells me to say. In that way I am sure to say and do the right thing and be sure to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth of the gospel of Jesus. Thank You for leading me and guiding me into all truth by Your Spirit. In Jesus’ name, Amen.