What if Jesus had come down off the cross?

Mark 15:32 “Let Christ the King of Israel descend now from the cross, that we may see and believe.”

Jesus had been brought before the Roman potentate, who questioned Him and found no evidence of anything worthy of capital execution. However, the crowd, incited by the Sanhedrin, demanded that Jesus be crucified. The Romans acquiesced and scourged Jesus and then proceeded to nail Him to the accursed tree of death. While He hung there in pain and sheer agony, the people cried out for Jesus to save Himself in order that they might believe that He truly was the Son of God.

Focus your attention on the short phrase, “that we may see and believe.” Notice that the words of Paul, spoken much later, proved true the adage the Jew seeks a sign in order that he may believe in something. Jesus said that only a perverse generation seeks a sign. He even told Thomas, one of the apostles, that those who believe and not having seen are blessed.

The chief priests had no idea what they were saying and did so that scripture might be fulfilled, as written down by David in Ps. 22:8, ““He trusts in the LORD; let the LORD rescue him. Let him deliver him, since he delights in him.” The problem here is not with what the Jews said but the consequence if Jesus had come down off the cross or called for legions of angels to rescue Him from that horrific death!

The end result would have been the sustained human life of Jesus, but all of us would still be dying in our sins with no real hope of eternal life with God. The sacrificial system would still be in place and required to pay for the sins of mankind! Could you imagine trying to sacrifice enough sheep, goats, bulls, or birds for the number of believers alive today, let alone the deceased?!? There aren’t enough animals alive to handle that load. Jesus had to die the death of a criminal and take on the sins of mankind, so that we can be and are free from the curse of the law of sin and death!

Don’t follow in the example of the Sanhedrin of Jesus’ day. Learn to trust and believe on the LORD by grace through faith. It is the only way mankind can be saved from eternal death in the lake of fire created for the rebellious hoard of demons! You were designed to live forever in order to worship your Creator not serve your own likes and passions. Seek out the LORD while there is time before He does return and claim His own.

Father, am I ever grateful that You did not rescue Jesus from the cross, oh yes! Had he not gone the distance for me, I would not be writing these words. My fate would be sealed in the searing heat of the sulfurous lake of fire that never quenches and among the flesh-eating worms that never die! Humbly I thank You for giving up Your life, Jesus, that I may have life eternal to spend it with You! Help me to lead others to that life-giving water of Your fountain. In Jesus ‘name, Amen.