Salvation: To the Jew first and then the Gentile.

Luke 2:32 “A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.”

God had promised an elderly Jewish man named Simeon that he would not die until he had seen the Messiah. When Jesus was brought to the temple according to the Law of Moses to be present to God (the son that opened the womb was required of Israel by God), Simeon was led by the Spirit of God to the child to fulfill his promise. Simeon took the child into his hands and prophesied many things concerning Him. One of the prophecies was that Jesus would be a light to Gentiles and the glory of Israel.

If you are not of Hebraic descent, then you had better drop to your knees and thank YHWH for the Hebrews, through whom salvation came. Without them there would be no salvation for the rest of us, for it was through the Seed of Abraham that salvation in Messiah came to us, the Gentiles.

Jesus truly is the light of the world to both Jew and Gentile. He is the glory of Israel although they still, for the most part, don’t understand that. God blinded the Jews spiritually because they rejected Him, and that event opened the door for access to God by the Gentiles. The Jews thought that they had the market on salvation cornered, but God quashed that when the Holy Spirit filled the hearts of Cornelius and his house, who were Romans/Gentiles.

The saddest part of the Jewish legacy isn’t their dispersion among the world; it is their selfish thinking that only Jews could receive salvation. All through out the OT, God’s servants proclaimed that Messiah was for both Hebrew and Gentile. Even when God spoke to Abraham and promised to make his descendants innumerable, He said that his Seed, Jesus, who would take away the sins of the world, would bless ALL NATIONS of the earth!

Give thanks to God for His blessed work of atoning our sins through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, but also give thanks to God for the Hebrews who brought us salvation through Jesus. If you have a Jewish friend, show them the love and kindness of their fellow kinsman, Jesus the Messiah!

Father, as Paul stated, salvation is to the Jew first and then the Gentile, but I thank You for allowing this once sin-laden Gentile the opportunity to come to receive Your salvation through the blood of Jesus and to have my name written in the Book of Life. It is quite logical that You would send Jesus to die and take away the sins of the world because You created the world from one man, Adam, and again through Noah, from whom would come all the peoples of the earth. You chose Israel from among all the families of the earth as Your prized-possession, but You also allowed the rest of us to be a part of Your royal family. Thank You! In Jesus’ name, Amen.