Are you and enemy or subject of the King?

Luke 19:26 “But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here and kill them in front of me.”

Jesus had spoken a parable about the ten minas and the servants who were entrusted with them while their boss was gone. The servants were supposed to go and make more money with this money and later give an accounting to their boss as to what they’d done with their investments. Part of this group refused to have their boss be king over them. We only read of three of the ten servants submitting to their boss-king. When the boss-king returned, he settled up with each servant who had invested his money and rewarded them based on their performance. Those who refused his lordship were to be brought before him and killed.

Who is the king in this parable? Is it none other than Jesus Himself as the King of kings and Lord of lords? Generally when Jesus spoke of kings, masters, and lords in parables He referred to God the Father and God the Son. In this case He taught us that there will be people who refuse to have Jesus as their King. For whatever reason, they just don’t want Jesus or anyone else to be ruler over them. For their insurrection, they will stand before Jesus at the Great White Throne judgment, be judged, found guilty of insurrection and rebellion against the King and then killed right in front of Him by being sentenced to death in the lake of fire for eternity.

Do you question what I am saying? Good! Then read the account of the second resurrection and the Final Judgment before the Great White Throne in the book of Revelation. You had better read also in this final book that the second death is the lake of fire and brimstone. Those whose names are not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be judged guilty of refusing His Lordship and guilty of rebellion against Him. Because the blood of Jesus was refused as payment for their sins, they are found guilty and cast into the lake of fire and brimstone that never quenches. Thus they are brought before the King and spiritually killed in front of Him. They will die an eternal death of torment where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth because of the fire that never quenches and where the worm that eats their flesh will never die!

Doesn’t the Bible also say that to be friends with the world is to be an enemy of God? Didn’t Jesus say that believers would be hated by the world because it hates Him? Is the world your friend? Or does it see you as an enemy because of your love for the Father through Jesus? Are you in submission to the King? Or, are you in rebellion against Him? The choice is yours to make. The gift of salvation through the blood of Jesus is yours to take. Refuse it, and die twice. Accept it, and die once though you’ll live twice.

Father, most people would refute my claim today and say that an all-loving God (and King) would never kill anyone. They obviously don’t read Your Word and understand it. Jesus’ parable is explicitly clear that those who refuse to have You be their King have condemned themselves already and signed their own death certificates spiritually speaking. One day they will be brought before You and killed eternally for their rebellion and insurrection. They are your enemies because the world hates You and is at enmity with You! Thank You for saving me and choosing me as Your friend and child. In Jesus’ name, Amen.