Jesus was truly human too!

Jesus wept. – John 11:35

Lazarus, a good friend of Jesus, had become ill and shortly thereafter died and was buried. Jesus had received word of the illness but chose to stay where He was for two more days, yet it was only two miles or so away – a half-hour walk at best. However, Jesus did go to see the family of Lazarus. He cared greatly for the whole family not just Lazarus. The death (or sleep) of Lazarus was allowed that God could perform a miracle in the presence of these people and be glorified despite the personal, temporary loss that occurred.

Every time I read the shortest verse in the Bible, I get choked up. I do so not for the sadness of the tale but for the fact that Jesus was as human as I am. Although He was God in the flesh, He was still completely human. Blood coursed through His arteries and veins, tears fell from His eyes, air flowed in and out of His lungs, He hungered like us all, He suffered, and He even slept, believe it or not. He ate food and drank liquids like everyone else. He had emotions and feelings and a will of His own separate from that of the Father, yet He chose to do what God the Father sent Him to do.

When the Bible speaks of His suffering in any capacity, it lets me know that I serve a God who feels what I feel, endured what I endure, faced temptations that I face, and praised the living God, whom I worship and adore. There is nothing that I have gone through, am going through, or will go through that Jesus cannot sympathize with me and understand on a personal level what I face. He is a personal God who not only inhabits the praises of His people but also desires personal intimacy in friendship with His children. God took the time and care to design us in His image and likeness that we may experience what the Father knows and desires and enjoys and hates! We are like Him while He is like us!

Father, I pray to You in Jesus’ name. What a refreshment it is to know that You see, hear, smell, taste, and feel what I do. You, in Your perfection, stepped down out of glory into humanity to experience firsthand what Your creation experiences. You suffered an agonizing death on a cross that we should have gone through not You! You loved us enough to do that for us and make us Your own. The fact that You loved us first is the basis for our being able to love You in return. Although You made Your Son a little lower than the angels, You established His throne forever and gave Him the pre-eminence in all things! He is the King of kings and Lord of lords! Praise be to You! Thank You for being personal and intimate with us, Your children. We praise You. Amen.