The LORD is our inheritance.

But the Levites have no part among you; for the priesthood of the LORD is their inheritance… – Joshua 18:7

Israel had entered Canaan and begun to conquer their enemies and establish lands for themselves for an inheritance. Two-and-a-half tribes had received lands east of the Jordan River. Joshua had started dividing Canaan among the others, but he reminded them again and again that the tribe of Levi had no physical inheritance among Israel because the priesthood of the LORD was their inheritance. God was their inheritance. He had chosen them for Himself. They were eventually given many cities within the borders of the other tribes, but there was no permanent track of land designated solely for Levi.

Although it may have been somewhat “less fashionable” in today’s standards of not having a physical inheritance among Israel, having the LORD as one’s inheritance is an awesome witness! I am glad that Jesus taught us that a man does not consist of the things he has. Instead, we, as the living image of the Creator, need to look into the mirror occasionally and understand that the Almighty is our inheritance! If things are what you are after, you will be sadly mistaken and sorely afraid come judgment day.

I am not making a doctrine out of my statement, but I do put stock in the idea of God being my inheritance. If it was good for the priests of ancient Israel to get their provision from the LORD, then it is even more so for me to receive my provision from God. Jesus also taught us that if we seek the kingdom and righteousness of God first, then God will add to us all the necessities of life, over which we would not have to fret. Let’s put it this way – every step toward self-reliance/-provision is a step away from God. Yes, the other tribes of Israel received their land grants from God, but would it not have been better to have God’s direct provision? I think so – just one man’s thought.

Father, I thank You today in my prayers, as I approach You in humility through the name and power and authority of Jesus. You are my provision. You are my sole provider. I could sweat and toil away the hours seeking to make my way in this world, but to what avail? Would I not be just one who “labors in vain”? You have built the house, and I trust You for all that it requires to maintain it. If You will lead, I will follow. It is a case of not my will but Yours being done. Amen.