God will avenge us when we offer ourselves to Him.

Praise ye the LORD for the avenging of Israel, when the people willingly offered themselves. – Judges 5:2

Israel had been under foreign oppression, again. This time God raised up the only authorized female leader in all of Israel’s history as a people – Deborah, the prophetess. She led the people and judged them in their dealings. During her rule, she helped lead a formation of troops against their oppressors, whom the LORD defeated for Israel because Israel humbled themselves before their God and offered themselves to Him to serve Him. When the Israelites obeyed His message given by Deborah, they defeated their enemy, Jabin king of the Canaanites.

Did you see the critical point in the verse above? Deborah told the people to praise the LORD who avenged Israel on her enemies because the people availed themselves to God instead of relying on themselves to try to defeat their enemies. The same is true for us today. The Bible clearly teaches that revenge and paybacks belong to God alone. He said, Vengeance in mine; I will repay

When we try to take care of things ourselves or avenge ourselves for the wrong done to us by someone else, we will only reap the reward that comes from the fruit of our labors and simultaneously disobey God. He told us to leave all matters of exacting revenge in His hands. For you see, God has all knowledge, ability, power, and authority to curse those that harm His children. His reward for us is always better than what we think we can exact in seeking revenge. Sure, revenge has a temporarily sweet taste in the mouth, but like too much honey, it causes an upset stomach followed by nausea.

The next time you find yourself wronged by someone, don’t take matters into your own hands. Avail yourself to God and then stand still and see the salvation of the LORD with your very eyes! He will amaze you with the outcome of His doings versus what you could have done. He will bless you for being obedient to Him because you heaped coals on your enemy by loving him and being compassionate, as Jesus taught, rather than tearing down someone, whom God needs to deal with not you. Trust God, and He will deliver you from your oppressor.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask You to deliver my family from the situation we face. My wife’s health fails her faster and faster with each passing day. Something terribly wrong goes on in her body that modern medicine cannot resolve. My body is wracked with problems, particularly my two middle, upper teeth. Our church is in the midst of chaos because of sin run amok including the leadership. There is indecency and immodesty that abounds at every turn from the leadership to the parents to the children. Not everyone is involved in this situation, but no one raises a flag to bring the attention to the forefront. Those that have spoken up and addressed the issues with those in charge have been rebuffed by leaders, who accommodate the sinful lifestyles of people in our congregation. I will not raise a hand against anyone, but LORD, I do avail myself to You as a mouthpiece and trust You to intervene. Destroy the yoke of Satan from off the neck of my people and let them experience Your true salvation that they might be saved. Amen.