Have you followed the instructions God gave you?

So she went down to the threshing floor that night and followed the instructions of her mother-in-law. – Ruth 3:6

Naomi told Ruth to bathe, put on her finest clothes, and splash on some perfume and then to head down to the threshing floor where Boaz would be harvesting grain. Naomi was trying to hook Ruth up with a good man, Boaz, who was a family member who could redeem her deceased husband’s land and provide a husband for Ruth. Ruth was in need of her own home and the opportunity to raise a family. Neither she nor Naomi had any male family members to carry on the name of Elimelech and preserve his inheritance among Israel. Ruth being the good daughter she was went down to Boaz and did all that her mom told her. She ended up finding greater favor in Boaz’s eyes than before. It looked like good things were in store for her.

Any parent loves it when their children obey them. Naomi and Ruth were no different. Once the story unfolds to the point where Boaz and Ruth marry and raise up a child for Naomi and carry on the name of her dead husband, Naomi feels vindicated and restored by God. You have to remember that she lost her husband and both of her sons. Now she had a son to carry on the family name according to Israelite tradition. The scene played out because Ruth humbled herself before Naomi and remained faithful and obedient to her down to the last straw.

Now let’s look at this story in the light of our relationship with our heavenly Father, Jehovah. He desires our continued obedience and even demands it although He won’t force it on us. He expects us to be obedient to His Word out of love for Him much like Ruth was toward Naomi. If we follow the path that God’s carved out for us, we will experience His blessing and favor in this life. Ruth didn’t have to come back to Israel with Naomi nor did she even have to stay with her. Ruth was free to come and go if she so desired. However, she stayed with Naomi and made Israel her family and Jehovah her God.

We are free to be a part of God’s family and make Jehovah our God, or we can return to our old wicked ways and partake of the devil’s family of which we were part. When we choose to live for God and obey His instructions for life, we will experience happiness and fruitfulness like Ruth and Naomi did. Be wise, and live your life for God and do so by heeding His Word. The Bible is more than just a bunch of words or even a bunch of stories; it’s the guidebook on how to live our lives. It’s a covenant between the Creator of the universe and His greatest creation, us.

Father, I come to You through the authority of the name of Jesus, Your Son. I want to be able to say and have said of me that I did all that You instructed me to do in this life. I want to leave a legacy of obedience that speaks of my love for You and not because I had to obey but rather chose to obey. You will never force Yourself upon me, but You do expect me to heed Your teachings. I can’t help but think of the words of Samuel to Saul, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” Saul thought that doing what he thought was right instead of following Your Word was good to go. He learned the hard way that rebellion against You will cost a person everything including their eternal soul if they don’t learn to humble themselves before You and heed Your Word. May there never be a day or time that I have not done what You’ve asked of me. Amen.