Re-establishing a high regard for the LORD!

Eli’s sons were scoundrels; they had no regard for the LORD. – 1 Samuel 2:12

As the lad Samuel was brought to the tabernacle to serve before the LORD under the tutelage of the high priest, Eli, he shared living quarters with the high priest’s sons, Hohpni and Phinehas. These two priests of the order or Aaron were rogues and scoundrels. They total disregard for the LORD. They cared nothing for His Law or His commands. They did as they saw fit regardless of the consequences. Because they despised the LORD and His ways, they would later pay for it with their lives.

I have noticed that there is a growing disregard for all things of the LORD. People don’t have any sense of reverence and respect for the house of God, the servants of God, and even God Himself. Look at the world around you. Isn’t it falling into more and more chaos daily? Muslims become bolder in their global conquest to rule the world. Atheists try to remove God from every facet of our lives. Even Christians, or so-called individuals, come to the house of God for service and just do whatever. Cell phones going off during service. People running in and out of the sanctuary nilly willy. When does it all stop? Or does it?

When I was growing in the 1970s and 1980s, people still had a reverence for the LORD. They would not dare come to church in lewd dress or dress down. People came in their best to respect and honor God. They observed a sense of decorum inside the church doors. There was no coffee and donuts in the sanctuary. There was no gum either. People didn’t leave paper lying all over the place. These things might seem minuscule in and of themselves, but when added up together, many little things can be one big problem.

Please tell me when and how we lost our reverence for the LORD in our modern churches. Is because we have done like Rick Warren proposes in his book, The Purpose-driven Church, and turned our churches into sinner-friendly establishments that resemble bars and discos rather than a place of prayer and worship. Is it because we have removed the cross and pulpit from these types of churches? Is it because we are driving out those members who are resistant to Warren’s drive for sin-accommodating and worldly looking and sounding churches that will facilitate and usher in the arrival of the anti-Messiah?

We had best fall to our knees as God’s people and seek His face and ask for forgiveness for destroying lives and congregations through the adoption of this doctrine of demons that says to look like the world, act like the world, and be like the world. The great apostasy prophesied by Jesus IS HERE NOW and is full swing thanks to the likes of Rick Warren and those who push for interfaith dialogue and mingling of faiths (actually religions) into a one-world religion to be headed up by the false prophet. God have mercy on us for ever allowing the likes of Rick Warren and his demon-loving followers from ever infiltrating our holy places of worship. God will not be mocked. These sons of Satan will pay a hefty price for their false doctrine and turning away of the saints from the faith!

Father, You spoke to me and told me to address my church about being humble before You and getting right with You. May You exhort and equip our pastor to lead us as You have designed. May a sense of decorum and reverence for Your house be re-established in our congregation and those that use our facilities for their congregations. We need to set a better example for our children. Although we are a multinational church, the culture of other nations do not excuse the way people treat the building where the saints gather. It may be just brick and mortar, but it still belongs to You! They should have greater respect for anything and everything that belongs to the LORD! In Jesus’ name, Amen.