Don’t do the foolish thing; do what God tells you.

 “You have done a foolish thing,” Samuel said. “You have not kept the command the LORD your God gave you…” – 1 Samuel 13:13

King Saul had been given instructions to wait seven days for the prophet Samuel to arrive, and then they would offer up sacrifices to God before battling the Philistines. While the days passed, the soldiers began to fear the enemy and desert their posts and retreat away from the battlefield. Once the seven days had passed and most of the army had gone and Samuel had not arrived, Saul feared the enemy and not knowing what to do. Thus, he made the sacrifice to God himself in defiance of God’s instructions to wait for Samuel. Although the set time had passed, he should have waited upon God’s servant and followed God’s instructions. Instead, his disobedience cost him and his dynasty as king of Israel.

Has God ever told you directly or through another person, “You’ve done a foolish thing because you have not keep the commandments of the LORD”? Now I am not speaking of the 10 commandments or the written commands in the Bible, although they do apply here, but instead the direct command that God has given you to do something. Maybe it was to serve in your church in a certain position or to set up and operate a function or fundraiser or to head up and lead a soul-winning group. Whatever the case may be, have you carried out the orders that God has given you?

We all have a function within the body of Messiah just as there are many parts in the human body. However, every part works together in unison to function as one unit. Thus, every believer in the body of Messiah must recognize, know, and do the part to which God has called them. Saul had been called and anointed to lead Israel as king. He accepted the position reluctantly but soon became arrogant and forgot where he came from and from whom he’d received his position. He took matters into his hands on numerous occasions out of fear and rebellion rather than carry out his direct orders from God.

Have you abandoned your post in God’s army or failed to complete the mission He’s given you? IF so, there is good news and bad news. First the bad news: you have failed God and not completed your assignment. The good news: God loves you in spite of your failings and wants to see you succeed according to His plan and design. IF you are willing to humble yourself before Him and be obedient to His Word, then He will raise you up  in due time. Even if you have failed God like Saul did, you have the grace of God to receive forgiveness and get back into the fight. To carry out the mission. What you have done may have been a foolish thing, but God will give you another opportunity to serve Him IF you will humble yourself before Him and be obedient to Him. Otherwise, your heart can and will become hard like Saul’s and lead to dreaded things. Things unthinkable like separation from God. Think about it. Seek God. Hear Him. Obey Him. Do the right thing not the foolish thing.

Father, oh the number of foolish things that I’ve done by not listening to You and doing what You told me to do. Forgive me for not being more obedient to Your Word. May I complete the mission You placed in my heart to do. Help me and give me strength, courage, and honor to reach out to the lost of my generation and those around me. Help me to preach the Word of God everywhere I go, and help me to be sensitive to Your Spirit that I may know whom to reach out to and whom to show the grace and compassion of the LORD. I humble myself before You. May Your will be done and not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.