Do whatever the LORD your King commands.

Then Ziba said to the king, “Your servant will do whatever my lord the king commands his servant to do.” – 2 Samuel 9:11a

After David had won many victories over Israel’s enemies and God had given Israel rest on all sides, David sought out to show kindness to any living descendant of Saul. He found Saul’s grandson, Mephibosheth – son of Jonathan, living in Lo Debar. He was lame in both legs because he’d been dropped as a child while escaping during Saul’s time of death. David loved Jonathan so much, and Saul too, that he wanted to extend grace to Saul’s line. David restored all that was Saul’s land to Mephibosheth and ordered Ziba, Saul’s servant, to care for the land and provide for Mephibosheth. Ziba answered that he’d do all the king commanded.

Why are we not more like this man – Ziba? He’d served Saul all the days of his being king even when Saul hunted David down to kill him. Ziba obviously had known David from his time at the palace. However, it’s Ziba’s attitude toward David that speaks to me about our attitude toward Jesus. As David was king of Israel, Jesus is King of kings. As Ziba was the servant, we are the servants of God. Why, then, when Jesus gives us an assignment, do we not respond like Ziba, “Your servant will do whatever my [Lord the King] commands his servant to do”?

Yes, we are more than servants of God, but we are His servants nonetheless. Paul, Peter, John, James, and the apostles all addressed themselves as God’s servants. Thus, we are no better and are servants also. We should all have the mindset of Ziba when it comes to serving our Messiah. Whatever Jesus commands, we should be on the ready to do! We should be like the minutemen of the American Revolution – ready to drop everything behind us, pick up our weapon, and head out into the battle in a minute’s notice if the King should sound the call. We should also be willing and humble to answer any command the LORD gives us even if we don’t like what we’re being assigned. Remember that we are bought with the price of Jesus’ blood. We are not our own. We are His children and servants. Furthermore, Jesus did not lay down a guilt trip on us, but He did say, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” Are you doing what He’s told you to do?

Father, I have not done all that You’ve given me to do. For that I am truly remorseful and repentant. You called me to lead Your people and to feed them. I jumped the gun early on in my walk with You and birthed an Ishmael, as did Abraham and Sarah. Now, I am dealing with that child while awaiting the child of promise, Isaac. I altered the timeline on which You’d planned to release me into ministry, yet I await Your order. In the meantime, I am doing all that You’ve given me since then. As You lead, I will follow. The command You give will be carried out. I lean on You and rely on You for the wisdom, guidance, and ability to do all that You have given me to do. As Ziba said to David, “Your servant will do whatever my [LORD the King] commands his servant to do.” I await my orders. In Jesus’ name, Amen