Are you where you’re supposed to be?

In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king’s men and the whole Israelite army. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah. But David remained in Jerusalem. – 2 Samuel 11:1

We see in the opening of this chapter that David had sent troops off to battle in the spring when war was fought because of the good weather. He remained in Jerusalem instead of going off with his men. His choice left him in the rear where he saw one of his soldier’s wives bathing on a rooftop. He desired her, had sex with her, and then later planned the murder of her husband on the battlefield to cover up his tracks. David’s sins displeased God and made His enemies to show utter contempt for Him. The child born to them eventually died. David’s house would never be the same. His children and grandchildren would suffer through the ages because of his wrongdoings.

Are you in the right place at the right time? Are you where you are supposed to be? Where has God told you to go and what to do? Are you doing those things? Are you heeding the Word of God and obeying His commands? God has given each of us an assignment to do in this life whether that is to be a spouse, parent, teacher, professional, minister, or whatever job it may be. We will all give an account to God as to what we have done in this life. We will have to answer Him and explain why we did or didn’t do what He told us to do. He will want to know why were weren’t  where He wanted us to be and doing what He wanted us to do.

David had to account to God why he wasn’t out in the battle leading his troops to victory over the LORD’s enemies. David had decided to remain at home and enjoy the comforts of the castle for whatever reason. We are not told why. However, his reluctance to fight that spring put him in a place where he wasn’t supposed to be. He saw things he was not meant to see. He entertained thoughts he would never had IF he had been where God wanted him to be and doing what God told him to do.

David had no less responsibility to rid Israel of all the tribes of Canaanites than did Joshua. They were still the enemies of God, and God’s command to wipe them all out still stood. IF David had been about the LORD’s business of cleansing Israel of all the idolatrous Canaanites, he would never have been afforded the opportunity to stray with Bathsheba. However, David set aside God’s commands for his own pleasure. This decision led to the downfall of his dynasty and the expulsion of Jews from Judea. Our actions always come with repercussions. Good with the right decisions, and bad with the wrong decisions. There are consequences for every move we make.

Let us choose this day to determine within our hearts to do what the LORD has told us to do and to be where He wants us to be. IF not, we will find trouble in our lives much as David did. Do you want to experience unnecessary trouble in your life? I don’t! The secret to our success lies with our obedience to God. IF we will but hearken to His Word and carry out His will, THEN we will experience the full blessing and favor of God’s love in our lives. To love God is to obey Him and to know Him. To obey Him is to love Him. To know Him is to spend time with Him in prayer, fasting, study of the Bible, meditating on the Bible, and most importantly heeding the words the Holy Spirit gives us. He alone knows the mind and will of God.

Father, help me to more obedient to Your spoken and written Word. I am Your servant. You own me and bought me and died for me. I am nothing without You! Therefore, I determine in my heart to strive more to obey You in all things not just those that are convenient to me and for me. Obedience requires submission to all of Your will and word. Nothing less! Partial obedience is full disobedience. I am where You have placed me to be for now. I will accept that assignment and fulfill it to the best of my ability with greater empowerment by the Holy Spirit. I cannot complete my mission with You. Strengthen me to do Your will and not mine. May Your will be done in everything I think, say, and do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.