The Lord is my…

He said, “The LORD is my…” – 2 Samuel 22:2-51

David composed a song to show his gratitude to God for delivering him from the hands of all his enemies including the relentless pursuit of King Saul over the years. In this song David highlights several attributes of God that characterize who God is and what He did for David, and us too! Read on below and just think about things God has done for you in this life. Maybe then you too will give glory and praise to God the Father for His greatness and power and mercy and love as David did.

Today’s devotion is a rather simple one in scale. I am merely going to list the highlighted attributes of God that David mentioned in his song. Read these items and let them speak for themselves about God. Then, you can meditate on them and give God glory and praise for the things in your life He has done. Let’s read on…..

The LORD is my….

  • Rock, in Whom I take refuge,
  • Fortress,
  • Deliverer,
  • Shield,
  • Horn of my salvation,
  •  Stronghold,
  • Refuge,
  • Savior,
  • One worthy of praise,
  • God,
  • Support,
  • Faithful [God],
  • Blameless [God],
  • Pure [God],
  • Lamp,
  • Perfect [God],
  • Flawless [God],
  • Avenger, and
  • LORD!
Father, thank You for all that You have done for me. After spending a great deal of time listening to the words of Your servant David Platt elsewhere, I am reminded of my sinful state as a human being. In myself I am unable to do anything for myself that is good and eternally life-sustaining. Without Your omnipotence and never-ending love, I am doomed to suffer the fate of the devil and his angels. You, however, decided long ago that You loved me and wanted me for Yourself and made the only way possible for me to be reconciled to You – through the blood of Your Son, JESUS, on the cross. As David sang of his love for You and depicted You as the Savior of the world, I, too, lift up my hands and voice and give You praise and glory that You deserve and that You will not share with anyone. Praise and glory and honor be to God, my LORD and Savior! In Jesus’ name, Amen.