God provides all that we need.

You will drink from the brook, and I have directed the ravens to supply you with food there. – 1 Kings 17:4

God delivered a message to King Ahab of Samaria through Elijah that a drought was coming and would not end until Elijah said it would. To protect His servant, God sent Elijah away from Ahab and had him dwell in a cave in the Kerith Ravine. God promised Elijah that He would provide him with food and water while in this remote location. Elijah was to drink from the brook that flowed through the area and receive meat and bread from the mouths of ravens that God would send to feed him. The prophet followed God’s instructions and dwelled there drinking from the stream and eating food brought by ravens. When the water dried up, God sent him to a widow who would feed him and provide him shelter.

Here we see a prime example of God’s provision even in the midst of extreme hardship such as a drought. God imposed a dire straight on Samaria for the sins of the king, who turned and worshiped idols rather than Yahweh. This drastic situation even touched the life of God’s servant, but it did not overtake and consume the prophet as it did others. God made sure that His obedient man would be taken care of as a blessing for his devotion and submission and obedience to God.

The Bible teaches us throughout its books that blessing always follows obedience. It may not come immediately as it did for Elijah, but it will come. Another principle this passage teaches us and later confirmed by Jesus is that when we seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness, He will provide for us the necessities of life. We are not to even worry about tomorrow or yesterday because we can do nothing to change either one. The one is gone while the other may not come. We are to live for today and trust God to give us what we need in life, as we are obedient to Him and the Word. Jesus that God feeds the sparrow and not one falls dead to the ground without God the Father knowing about it. How much more precious are you, His child, to Him than a bird? You are created in His image!

We must learn to be submitted and committed to the LORD, as was Elijah. We must learn to hear the voice of God and respond to His instructions even in the face of adversity that could cost us our lives, as did Elijah, who told the king that no rain would come until he commanded it to come. Elijah did not falter here and received God’s provision and care. Are you doing what God tells you to do? Or, do you run in the opposite direction and cower in the corner or worse stand defiantly and just refuse to obey God? Don’t expect to have God’s blessing and favor over you if this is your stance. God promised to take care of us; we need to let Him. Remember that obedience brings blessing.

Father, I have not always been the most obedient son You have. Even now there are times where I struggle with doing things directed by You, but through my sufferings of my doing, I am learning obedience. You chastise those You love, and we are not to refuse Your chastening. I pray for more days without rebuke and discipline because of my obedience to You, but I accept any and all correction You give me. I have grown to trust You more for the necessities of life and must continue to trust You more each day. I can’t live on the provision of yesterday, or the food in the pot will rot and be full of worms, as was the manna in the desert. Your provision is fresh and new every day; thus, I must learn to partake of my daily bread as You provide. Thank You for blessing this house. May Your love and wisdom guide us in all areas of life. We put our hope and trust in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.