Trust in God and let him establish you.

Solomon son of David established himself firmly over his kingdom, for the LORD his God was with him and made him exceedingly great. – 2 Chronicles 1:1

This second book of Chronicles begins with the establishment of Solomon’s reign and the details of the temple that he would build. However, the very first verse of this book states that Solomon firmly established his reign over Israel because the LORD his God was with him and made him exceedingly great. As great as Solomon was, it was not his doing but the LORD’s doing. Solomon was just a man; wealth and honor come from God, as David noted to Solomon before he died.

When we try to do things in our power, we will fall flat on our face. We will fail because we are incapable of doing anything but destroy things. The Bible clearly teaches elsewhere that with God ALL things are possible. In the OT the LORD asked if there is anything too difficult for him. He sends his Word out to accomplish his will; his Word will not return void.

Solomon experienced great power, wealth, and honor because he put God first. He relied upon God. When we choose to rely upon God, he will establish us also. He will bless us and prosper us when we are obedient and set him as priority One. If we choose to live life on our terms, we can and should expect only trouble. That is not to say that life with God is without trouble. So long as we exist, we will encounter problems because of us. On the other hand, with God there is life, an abundant life, and we can experience the goodness of the LORD.

Trust in God and let him establish you. Remember that the steps of a righteous man or woman are ordered of the LORD. He will guide you and direct your steps if you put him first.

Father, please be the Lamp unto my feet and the Light unto my path. I humble myself before you because I am my worst enemy. You are my friend and comforter. You are my God and Guide. You are my Source and my Provision. Without your sure footing and being my Rock, I would surely slip and fall over pride and arrogance. Please establish my ways. I want to have my Foundation be the Word of God, who is the Lamb of God, who is your Son, Jesus. In His name, Amen.