Working until the job is done.

I am carrying on a great project and cannot go down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and go down to you? – Nehemiah 6:3

Nehemiah and the Jewish remnant resumed work on the wall of Jerusalem and were filling in every breach in the wall. When news of such reached the local pagan officials, they became angry with the Jews and sought any means possible to stop them. They even tried intimidating Nehemiah with rumors of murdering him. He continued on with the work because God was with them in the work. Messengers from pagan officials tried to trick Nehemiah into turning away from the work, but he refused every attempt. He made his response clear – he would not stop the work until it was done. In fact, the people completed repairing the breaches in the wall and restoring it to its proper height in only 52 days!

The finished repairs in 52 days was truly a miracle given the size of the wall of Jerusalem and the few people there to work on it. When the man of God listened to God and did as he said, the people completed the task and were blessed of God. Thus, we have to look at ourselves and ask, “What is God telling us to do? Are we doing the work? Will we stay the course until the task is done?”

We need to be as diligent as Nehemiah’s crew even in the face of opposition. Since our church has begun a renewed effort to lift up the needs of our congregation and surrounding cities to the LORD in prayer through our prayer team called, “Prayer Force,” we have seen an uptick in the number of prayer requests as well as physical opposition from Satanic forces. When the people of God resolve in their hearts to do the work of God, the enemy always comes in and tries to thwart the movement of God. Well, we, as a congregation and team of pray-ers, will not stop lifting up the needs of our people and the lost around us to God.

We have declared spiritual warfare on the forces of darkness lording over the area in which we live. They will not have complete dominion anymore. God is raising up warriors all around our county (despite it being the most affluent in the USA) to reach out to the lost: rich or poor and of every tribe, kindred, tongue, and nation. The name of the LORD shall be praised and raised as a banner over Loudoun County, Virginia! We will complete the work given us because we know that God will see to completion the good work  he started in us! There is no stopping until you sound the call of the gathering of saints in the air!!!

Father, we the people of Word of Life International Church lift up the name of Jesus to be praised among the nations that have inhabited this region. Although the largest concentration of wages and wealth exists here, through you even the rich can come to know the Messiah as LORD and Savior. It is not just the poor and destitute who need you! I pray for a drastic display of your power among the unbelievers, which they are unable to explain with logic, reasoning, or science and is a clear piece of evidence of the miracle power you possess! Open the hearts of the hardened ones to receive your love and mercy! You said that the wealth of the wicked was laid up for the righteous! Father, then let your Spirit move through us, your people, and see a 3rd Great Awakening, as you have promised me and others in the area! May your will be done, and not ours! In Jesus’ name, Amen.