The LION has roared – tremble in fear!

The lion has roared — tremble in fear! The Sovereign LORD has spoken — I dare not refuse to proclaim his message! – Amos 3:8

Amos, a humble and God-fearing shepherd from Judah, received a calling from God the Father to proclaim a message to Israel and Judah and all the surrounding nations. God told him to deliver a message of impending  judgment and doom coming upon them because of their continua l sinning. In the proclamation, Amos warns that a lion doesn’t roar unless he has first found a prey. Then, he continues by saying that the lion has roared and to tremble in fear because the Sovereign LORD has spoken! The prophet said he dared not refuse to proclaim God’s message. The LION of Judah, Jesus the Messiah, has roared! His judgment is coming upon the earth, and very soon!

As the prophet Amos declared that he had dared not refuse to proclaim the message of God to all Israel and the surrounding nations, so I, too, declare a message of repentance to America, as God has given me the message. Listen closely and carefully, America, the virgin of America has fallen and prostituted herself to the nations of the world and served the prince of this world, Lucifer – that old dragon and serpent, Satan. Your sins have reached to the heights of heaven as a stench in His nostrils because of the millions of murders of innocents through abortion and the selling of your soul to the world system in greed for more and more money. God had bestowed upon you the greatest hoard of natural resources and minds the world has ever known, but you have turned from the God who established the greatest nation on earth. You have turned against the One who endowed you with inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but these can only be found in the Creator, who gives such things. Thus, because you have turned against the LORD, who has given you great blessing and have turned your heart against His chosen people, Israel, your day of judgment is coming upon you swiftly like a raging torrent during the midst of a great tempest. The LORD says to you, “TURN, TURN, TURN FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS. I DON’T DELIGHT IN THE DEATH OF THE WICKED! HOWEVER, IF YOU WILL NOT REPENT OF YOUR SINS AS A NATION, HUMBLE YOURSELF BEFORE ME AS DID NINEVEH IN ANCIENT TIMES, THEN YOU WILL REAP THE WRATH OF DESTRUCTION THAT FELL UPON SODOM AND GOMORRAH.” The LORD has spoken, and as the prophet Amos said, “I dare not refuse to proclaim his message.”

Father, You have shown me many great and mighty things that await America in the not-so-distant future IF she doesn’t humble herself and turn from her wicked ways. The church within America has taken on the spirit of the Laodicean church, who decried that she was rich and had need of nothing. However, she didn’t know that she was miserable, poor, wretched, blind, and naked. America has slaughtered more innocents in recent history than most of all mankind’s past. We are guilty of greed and idolatry and sexual immorality. This country has forgotten her first love and prostituted herself before the kings of the earth for gain and greed. Forgive us oh God and have mercy upon us just a little while longer that souls may come into Your kingdom. However, not my will but Your will be done. I have proclaimed the message that You’ve given me to declare. This watchman does the will of the LORD, my Father. In Jesus’ name, Amen.