We belong to God forever.

I will betroth you to me forever… – Hosea 2:19a

The LORD gave a message to Hosea to proclaim among Israel to rally her back to her God. The northern kingdom had completely turned away from the LORD as their God. There were those who were faithful to Yahweh, but the nation as a whole prostituted themselves to other gods that are not gods. Thus, God sent the prophet with a message of judgment, repentance, and hope. In the message, God says that He will punish Israel for their sins but eventually bring them back to Him, and He will betroth them to Him forever despite their wayward past.

Isn’t it a somber yet hopeful message that God gave Israel? He would punish them for their abandoning Him for other gods, yet He loved Israel enough to woo them back to Him. He then announced the depth, width, and height of His love for all Israel. God will become engaged to them forever. Those of the house of Israel that accept Jesus as their LORD and Savior will be forever with the LORD, just as any Gentile will do who accepts Jesus. Thus this portion of verse 19 shows us all, who believe on the LORD Jesus, call on His name, and believe God raised Him from the dead, that we are His forever! I don’ know about you, but that message gives me hope for tomorrow as well as for the rest of eternity! Paul wrote that Jesus is our blessed hope. Without Him we would never spend any time with God the Father. We could never know the love of God without the sacrifice of Jesus. Let us betroth ourselves to our first Love, Jesus, forever, as He has done for us.

Father, oh how sweet it is to know that the Lover of my soul longs for me as a deer pants for the water. You, God, chose to redeem me from the wayward state of rebellion and sin I was in prior to knowing You. Even before I was born, You knew exactly how many times I would stray from You, yet You pursued me as a stag does for the doe. Your relentless pursuit never let up over the course of my life. Thus, I give myself to You as child, friend, and servant. Do with me as you see fit. I am created for Your good pleasure. By faith, I am to please my Dad. Thank You for loving me forever and engraving me on the palm of Your hand. Nothing can separate Your love for me from me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.