What purpose do the Proverbs serve?

“Their purpose is to teach…” – Proverbs 1:2a

The first chapter of Proverbs opens with the words that the ensuing proverbs are from Solomon, son of David. Then in the next few verses we learn the purpose of proverbs that were learned by Solomon through the great gift of wisdom he received from God the Father. He later penned these proverbs through inspiration of the Holy Spirit for our benefit. We would learn later on that he wrote nearly 3,000 proverbs. They are here for our benefit and to inform us how to live life.

As the second verse states, the proverbs are to teach us. But what do they teach us? Well, let’s see what they are supposed to teach us.

  1. They teach us wisdom and discipline. (v2)
  2. They help us understand the insights of the wise. (v2)
  3. They teach us to live disciplined and successful lives. (v3)
  4. They teach us to do what is just, right, and fair. (v3)
  5. They teach us knowledge and discernment. (v4)
  6. They teach us to be wiser. (v5) And,
  7. They teach us how to receive guidance by exploring the proverbs and riddles of the wise. (vv 5-6)

Then in verse eight Solomon tells us not to neglect the instructions our fathers give us. How much more should we heed the instruction of our heavenly Father? If His Spirit gave Solomon wisdom to write the proverbs under His inspiration that we might live disciplined and successful lives, then shouldn’t we obey the Word of God? Of course! Therefore, let us delve into the proverbs and mine out the truths that God gives us that are intended to make our lives more productive in order that we may do what is just, right, and fair.

Father, help me to seek, find, and apply the great wise sayings contained in these writings of Solomon and other wise men of the past. You, of course, are the Wisest of the wise and the Creator of wisdom. I may never be as wise as Solomon, but I pray that I learn from his successes and failures, so that I may walk in the Way of the LORD and never turn from it either to the left or to the right. As Paul taught, I know that all that I know is merely a pile of steaming dung in Your eyes. Therefore, I must completely and fully rely on Your wisdom and understanding, so that my steps are ordered by You, O Great One! I humbly accept Your leadership and teachings. Thus, I ask You to help me apply these treasures of wisdom and understanding to make my life better. I heed Your instruction. In Jesus’ name, Amen.