Seek God in all you do; He’ll show You the way to go.

Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. – Proverbs 3:6

We continue on in the proverbs of Solomon, which are many. Once again, he starts out by saying that we should pay attention to the things that he teaches us (by way of God’s Spirit and wisdom) and to store them in our hearts. Why? Because they will allow us to live a long, satisfying life, win favor with God and man, and earn us a good reputation. Then he tells us not to trust in our understanding but to trust in the LORD. Thus, if we seek Him in all we do, He, God, will show the right way to go.

What major decision are you facing in life today? Is there a job issue for which you need an answer? A marriage issue? A family issue? A friend issue? A person issue? No matter what issues we face in life, we are wise to follow Solomon’s advice and seek God in ALL we do! When we seek out God’s answers to our issues, we cannot go wrong except in the application. Thus, it seems ironic a bit to discuss the application of this verse. Nevertheless, God will show us the right way to go when we seek Him and His guidance.

Where do we find that answer in God? Through His Spirit. The Holy Spirit knows the mind and will of God. He is our Comforter and Wonderful Counselor. It is through Him and not our might or power that things are done. Thus, if we but seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness (found in His Spirit), God will provide all that we have need of including direction for our lives. We make this life so much more difficult than need be. Didn’t Jesus say to take on His yoke and His burden because they are light? SO, why do we make life heavier by trusting in ourselves? Is it because we don’t fully believe God can deliver us from our problems and show us the way everlasting? Do we have full faith and confidence in God to lead us, guide us into all truth, and provide for us?

Father, it is by Your Spirit and not by my might or power. I am need in of some serious supervision and direction in my life. I have voiced my concerns to You about my current employment situation and its replacement that will allow me to go and work in the whitened fields needing harvested. I have approached You about marital issues regarding unity in spirit, soul, and body with my spouse. I now come to You about the issue of our residential situation and where we should live. I need Your wisdom and guidance in how to proceed further from here. I am being still, and I am seeking to know my God. Please speak to me and lead us in the right way we should go. I don’t want to make a wrong move. You order my steps, and You light the path upon which I walk. I trust You. Please lead on; we’ll follow. In Jesus’ name, Amen.