God see all and watches all you do.

For ADONAI is watching a man’s ways; he surveys all his paths. – Proverbs 5:21

This chapter in the book of Proverbs focuses on the subject of avoiding immoral sexual liaisons. The author shows the young man in the piece the dangers of savoring ill-gotten honey from wells that don’t belong to him. The path that leads to that honey pot leads straight into the pit of hell. There is great wisdom and understanding learning to avoid it and never go near it. The writer even tells us that when a person thinks no one sees what is done, God sees all and watches all. He even surveys all the paths the man will take, both good and bad.

Regardless of the topic related to ill-gotten gains, the truth is that God sees all and watches all we do. No one will get away with anything they have done in this life. We will all appear before Jesus in the next life to give an accounting for what we said and do. Some will receive everlasting life; others will receive everlasting death. You may think that no one sees the hidden things you do, but all hidden things will be brought to the light for judgment.

We have all been guilty of thinking that no one sees what we are doing when there is literally no other person around. Sitting on the throne of heaven, God sees all we do. In fact, He knows what we are going to do or not do before we even think of it. He knows the end from the beginning. He knows every time we lied and got away with it. He knows every illicit act committed in secret. He knows it all. It is futile to think we won’t have to answer to Him one day.

The encouraging point is that no matter what we’ve done wrong and tried to hide it or cover it up, we can and will be forgiven of those wrongs. We must confess them to God the Father, who is willing and just to forgive of us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. The key here is confessing those sins to God. What do you have hidden away in some remote recess of your heart that you need to expose and confess to God? Don’t feel ashamed or condemned, so take them to Him and confess them to Him. Then you will feel the release of carrying around that unnecessary burden of guilt. Jesus died to set you free. Trust Him.

Father, there have been plenty of times that I did things in secret that were totally wrong. I thought no one would know or ever care because no one seemed to be hurt by them. However, I was hurt because I carried around the guilt and shame of my actions for so long. I have confessed my sins to You, all of them that I know of to this day. If there is some area of my life that I have not confessed to You and brought before You to be nailed to the cross, please bring it to light. I want to walk in holiness before You and walk in Your Spirit so as not to fulfill my earthly desires. I deny myself, pick up my cross to which sin is nailed, and follow You. Thank You for forgiving my sins, all of them, and cleansing me from all unrighteousness by the blood Jesus shed for man’s sins. In Jesus’ name, Amen.