Cheer someone up with a kind word….!

Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up. – Proverbs 12:25

There are many “wise” sayings of Solomon contained in the passages of the Proverbs, but there are also common sensical pieces of advice also. One of those is our selected verse for today. Granted the proverbs are not all absolute truths, but they are universal in their application and can bring about the intended result mentioned in them when one lives life for God.

Whom do you know that is or has been down or “depressed” as of late? Whom do you know that is facing a tremendous ordeal or challenge in life that has that person feeling anxious and not sure what to do? We could be like Job’s friends and tell them, “grab a ladder and get over it,” or we can be kind, gracious, merciful, and compassionate toward people as was Jesus.

When was the last time you endured a troubling situation that proverbially pinned you up against a wall with seemingly no direction in sight? Even your prayers seemed to smack into the ceiling and could go no farther. Well, would it not have been nice for someone to have come along and shared a kind word with you and cheered you up? We have that obligation to others when we know they face tough times.

Many people in the body of Messiah hurt greatly and feel like they have nowhere to turn. They pray and seek God and seem to fall on deaf ears. They want to serve within the body of Messiah but are stressed from all the cares of life and lack of real leadership showing them where and when to plug into the body. Do your brother or sister in Messiah a big, nay huge, favor and drop a kind word of encouragement by his or her way. You will be surprised at the reaction from one’s face.

The Bible tells us to lift up one another (Heb. 13), encourage one another (2 Cor. 13), and to help carry others’ burdens (Gal. 6). Follow Solomon’s guidance and share a kind word with someone who is down. You might just change that person’s entire outlook and see the power of the Holy Spirit transform a life from gloom and doom to being full of vim and vigor. Let’s practice Jesus’ golden rule: treat others as you would have them treat you.

Father, there are many people who are down spiritually, soulfully, and physically. When they are in this state, they don’t want to do much other than survive. It bothers me to see my fellow brethren suffering from depression and fear and the troubles of this life. Please allow me to operate in the grace-gift of exhortation and build up those that are fallen and distraught. I ask that You speak to my dearest one who is determined to seek You and know You above all else. My dearest one has been down lately, especially in these times of shortened daylight and wintry weather. Please let me have a super kind word of encouragement today. I thank You for Your love, mercy, grace and compassion. Help me to share it with others. In Jesus’ name, Amen.