Quick temper leads to stupid stuff.

A quick-tempered person does foolish things. – Proverbs 14:17a

angry quick-temper foolish

In this group of sayings, Solomon lets us know that those who mock God will suffer for their actions. He mentions those who scorn the poor and oppressed. Then he speaks of false witnesses and other sinful actions carried out by sinners – surprise, surprise! However, many a believer slips up and does these very same things out of anger and then lives to regret what they’ve said and/or done. Like an earlier verse in this 14th chapter said, “A fool’s mouth lashes out with pride, but the lips of the wise protect them.”

What have you done lately that was done in anger that came back to bite you in the shorts? Did you snap at someone you love when they said something you didn’t like? Did someone pull a fast one on you to which you responded rashly without pausing to think of the consequences of your actions? We have all said and done things out of a quick temper that cost us dearly at some later point in time.

The beauty of the situation is that God teaches us here the secret to preventing us from doing foolish things in our lives and from hurting those around us, especially our loved ones. When we get angry, we are not to sin, as Paul taught. Instead, when our anger flares, we should take time to pause and breathe deep. More importantly, if we have learned to memorize Scripture, then the Holy Spirit has tools within us to remind us of the appropriate course of action to take in a hotly contested situation and NOT SIN!

If we simply take time out after being angered and think for a moment, we can generally avoid a nasty situation that we’d rather not have to remember or eat crow over later. The peace of God’s Spirit will guide us in these touchy predicaments IF we remain sensitive to His leading and conviction. IF we listen and heed the Spirit’s guidance, we won’t be quick-tempered and then do something foolish.

Father, help me to reduce my temper. I used to be a hot-head, but You have worked on me at great length and reduced the boil over mentality to slightly above a simmer. I want to be level-headed like Jesus was and is. He walked this earth with great humility and compassion ever for those that wanted to kill Him. I read of only one incident where His anger flared up but with good reason. The people turned Your temple into a marketplace filled with crooks, cheats, and swindlers that professed to be “believers” in the Most High God, Yahweh! I may not pass the quiz in every circumstance, but help me to continue reducing the flame to just glowing embers and eventually into ash. In Jesus’ name, Amen.