My child, give me your heart…

O my son, give me your heart. May your eyes take delight in following my ways. – Proverbs 23:26

Again and again we read of Solomon’s words regarding wisdom and knowledge and understanding. His proverbs focus on these things. He mentions more than once that believers should heed the instruction of their parents and hence God. Much of what Solomon spoke in the physical realm has its source in the spiritual realm because God gave him his great wisdom and inspired him to write these proverbs at the Spirit’s leading.

In this one proverb, Solomon speaks of giving our hearts to our parents and delighting ourselves in following their teachings. When I read the above-mentioned verse, I heard God speaking to me personally and saying to me, “Give me your heart. Make your eyes delight in following [My Way]s.” His Spirit spoke loudly and clearly to me in this verse. God truly desires our hearts, but not only our hearts. He desires all of us: spirit, soul and body. The Bible tells us that we are bought by God through the blood of Jesus. God paid for the pardoning of our sins at His expense. He desires for us to commune with Him as Father and child. We do so by spending time with God in prayer, study, and reading the Word.

When we “commune” with God, we do so by following His Way(s). That Way is none other than Jesus Himself. Did He not say that He is THE WAY, the Truth and the Life? Jesus also told us through biblical writers that when we acknowledge Him in all OUR ways, He orders our steps. In other words, God leads us when we recognize and honor Him in all that we do. Whether we do right or wrong, we must acknowledge God in our actions. That means we admit God is real and true, recognize His authority, and express appreciation of God.

When we do what’s right, we should acknowledge that God provides, leads, and blesses us. When we do wrong, we must acknowledge God’s reality in our lives, recognize His eternal authority over us and sin, and appreciate the fact that God will forgive us of our sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness IF we confess that sin to Him. We acknowledge Him when we confess our sins. We acknowledge Him when we obey and trust and follow His leading, guidance, and instruction.

Father, as the words of the song so aptly speak, “I give you my heart, and I give my soul. I live for You alone. Every breath that I take; every moment I’m awake, LORD have Your Way with me.” I desire to follow Your Way. There is no other way. Jesus, You said You’re the Way that leads to the narrow gate that leads to the narrow path that leads to life. Few find it and enter through it. Your Spirit beckoned me to the narrow Gate, and I entered. I have strayed from time to time off the narrow path, but I’ve always managed some how to acknowledge Your supremacy and majesty and return to the path of life down the highway of holiness. My heart is Yours. I don’t own it because You paid the ultimate price for it – Your priceless, life-giving blood! I don’t want to be one who tramples upon Your blood and makes the work of the cross of none effect. Forgive me of my wrongs. I confess my sin to You with the hope of knowing Your promise is true. I am forgiven of my sins and cleansed from my unrighteousness. I am Your child, and You’re my Father. Thank You for teaching me right from wrong. There is no way but You! In Jesus’ name, Amen.