Or you wise or foolish? Do you blow your top?

A fool give full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control. – Proverbs 29:11

Solomon tells us that blowing up when angry is the hallmark of a fool, but maintaining self-control exemplifies the traits of a wise person.

Simply put, are you a wise person or a foolish one? Do you exercise self-control or release your full fury on people who anger you? The apostle Paul wrote that the fruit of the Spirit includes self-control, against which there is no law. Why? Because the fruit are exercised in the love of God by the power of the Spirit living in you.

In our human might it’s impossible to practice and exercise complete self-control. The Spirit must develop such within us as we grow in Messiah and continually submit our will and lives to Him in obedience. Secondly, the apostle James tells us that the tongue is an unruly member set on fire by hell! “Who is able to tame it?” Solomon said.

Unless we work on our thoughts that lead to anger that leads to harsh words that lead to possible physical action, we will all “explode” at some point in life. We’ll either release anger outwardly through an explosion or do so internally in our minds through implosion. Either way, people will be hurt. Let’s learn to submit ourselves to God and one another in love while exercising the fruit of the Spirit, especially self-control that marks us as being wise.

Father, I’ve been known in the past as a “fool” by definition above because I’ve given full vent to my anger numerous times. Please continue working in me, on me, and with me through Your Spirit to become a “wise” man of peace, who exercises self-control, particularly over my mouth and thoughts. In Jesus’ name, Amen.