Doing what’s right.

But on Cain and his offering He [God] did not look on with favor. – Genesis 4:5

Not so long after Adam and Eve sinned, God instituted animal sacrifice as atonement for sin. The first two sons of Adam and Eve received instruction from their parents in the rites of animal sacrifice, which one obeyed and one didn’t. Abel obeyed his parents’ teaching to honor God with the fat and blood of the flock as a sacrifice, but Cain chose to offer his substitute instead and thereby disobeyed God’s command.

Let’s put this plainly. If God had favored Cain’s offering on equal footing with Abel’s correct sacrifice, then God would have condoned sin and shared His glory with a sinful, unholy human. God tells us in Scripture that He is a jealous God, Jealous in His name. He won’t share His glory with anyone or anything. Satan learned that lesson the hard way, as did Cain.

God even tried to educate Cain on the matter by telling him that if he did right, he’d be favored as was Abel. Thus, Cain sinned against God by trying to offer a sacrifice that was unacceptable to God. Plants wouldn’t pay for sins. Only blood, the source of life, could do so. You’d think he would’ve learned from his parents’ mistake in the Garden of Eden, but obviously he didn’t.

Although the shedding of blood was necessary to pay for sin, we learn later on in the course of time from King Saul that obedience is better than sacrifice. We must do things God’s way. There is no other way. He is the Way to eternal life. King Saul refused to do what God said and found out the hard way, like Cain, what it means to defy God – sure and swift destruction. God tells us, “Repent and be baptized, for the kingdom of God is at hand.” No one can come to God the Father except through Jesus.

So, will you obey the Word of God and repent of your sins and be saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus by believing God raised Him from the dead and confessing, “Jesus is LORD?” Or, will you refuse God and find eternal death and destruction? God puts before you, today, life and death. Choose this day whom you will serve – God or Satan. Today is the day of salvation. God desires all to come to repentance and to knowledge of the Truth, Jesus. Will you do so today?

Father, I pray that all who read this will make a decision to make You LORD and Savior of their lives. You don’t want anyone to die and spend eternity in hell and torment. You made us for Your good pleasure. May someone, even if it’s just one, read this piece and choose life over death and join our wonderful family. I praise You for the opportunity to share this thought with others around the world via the Internet. May Your will be done. In Jesus’ name, Amen.