It’s good to see family, especially after a long time away.

Moreover he kissed all his brothers and wept over them, and after that his brothers talked with him.  – Genesis 45:15

Joseph’s brothers had come back to Egypt a 2nd time to buy more grain for their families and livestock because of the severe famine that had come upon the whole of the Ancient Near East. Egypt had the only real supply of food in the region because of Pharoah’s dream and Joseph’s godly wisdom of securing grain for the coming disaster. During his brother’s 2nd visit, he reached a breaking point and could no longer withhold his identity from them. It moved him to such heartbreak that he broke down and wept and then revealed to them that he was indeed their long-lost brother, Joseph. He eventually spent time talking with them and wept over each one of them. The family had been reunited.

I live 500 miles from my brothers. I rarely get to visit with them in person. Occasionally, one of them will happen to travel through the region and decide to drop in for a brief visit or stay. My past employment took me halfway across the country many years ago, and unfortunately, I may happen back that way once every few years. I miss by brothers and other extended family in my hometown and surrounding towns. Our parents passed over 10 years ago, so they have been missed for a good while now, but I was at peace with them when they departed this life into God’s presence.

I am soon to return to my hometown area to deliver several messages to the people of the region and bring a message of love and hope from God to them. When I am able to be with family, I want to do like Joseph did with his brothers and hug each of them, shed a tear or two, and let them know just how much I love and miss them. I have a family in my wife, along with her sons and granddaughters and others. Yet, I long to see those that are bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. Talking on the phone with them helps us keep in touch, but I understand the words of Solomon that a period of separation among loved ones makes the heart grow fonder.

I could have written off my blood relatives long ago for things done to me, but God’s grace has taught me to love everyone equally. Why? Because we are all deserving of death. IF God loves me enough to desire that I don’t go to hell but come to repentance and knowledge of the Truth, THEN I should extend that same love and mercy to everyone, including my brothers and extended family. None of us are righteous in our own strength. We’ve all turned and gone astray at some point in life. Thus, I long to see my family and know of their welfare and well-being and to share with them and others the love, mercy, grace, and compassion of God that He’s shared with me. Freely you have received, freely give.

Father, I long to see my blood relatives and brothers. I want to share love and joy and peace with them that we didn’t have as children growing up. May the time soon come that the door opens for this opportunity and brings about reconciliation and restoration and rejoicing in the camp. I am ready to share the Truth of the Good News with all who will listen. May I go in the power of Your Spirit and do great exploits in Your name that would bring many souls into the kingdom of God and add daily to the number of members of Your eternal family. My heart longs for this time. In Jesus’ name, Amen.