Who is the blessed servant?

Blessed is that servant whom his master, when he comes, will find so doing. – Matthew 24:46

Jesus explained to the apostles what the signs of His coming would be at the end of the age and of things to come prior to that time. He warned of false prophets performing deceiving miracles and even of the coming son of perdition, as described by Daniel the prophet. Then at the end of His discourse, Jesus told the apostles who a blessed servant is. It is the person whom God finds doing the assignment given to him by God in this life. That is who a blessed servant is.

Jesus also noted that no man knows the day nor the hour of His coming except for God the Father. Jesus has to wait until He hears the Father say, “It’s time.” Then and only then may He come back to earth to set up His rule for 1,000 years. Jesus warned the apostles and us by extension to be prepared for His coming. He tells us elsewhere to watch and be ready. We are also told that each of will receive our reward based on what we do here in this life. Some will receive crowns while others will barely get to heaven as if by passing through the flames of hell to be purified. The blessed servant is the one who God finds doing his assignment in this life now. The servant who shirks his assignment and doesn’t do it because of his lackadaisical attitude will find himself apportioned with a position among the hypocrites. Ouch! There will even be weeping and gnashing of teeth (generally a phrased used by Jesus indicative of hell). You do the study. You hear what the Holy Spirit is saying here. I leave the rest to you and God.

Father, thank You for opening my eyes to a plain truth right here in the whole of  Scripture spoken by none other than Yourself while here on earth. You said that an evil servant who beats his fellow servants, hangs with drunks and says God delays His coming will find himself roasting for eternity. Ouch! That is tough. The key thing I see and hear in that passage is the phrase – evil servant. To me, the word “evil” denotes one who lacks faith in You and doesn’t live according to Your Word, a person of unbelief and an unrepentant person. I want to be a faithful servant who is blessed because (1) I have a relationship with You and (2) I am found doing the will of my Father when He comes for me. I will spend eternity with You by grace through faith in You being Lord and raised from the dead by the Father, but I want to see as many lost souls comes to heaven with me as possible. Woo hoo! In Jesus’ name, Amen.