God will and does dwell among His people; He is Emmanuel.

Then I will dwell among the Israelites and be their God. – Exodus 29:45

God directed Moses on what to build for the worship and service to God inside the tabernacle. God also directed Moses on what apparel Aaron and his sons and the priests were to wear during their ministering before God in the tabernacle. At one point in their conversation, God told Moses that He would consecrate the tabernacle, all the articles therein, and the priests, so that He may dwell among His people, Israel. Once God had done that, then His people would know that He is their God, the LORD.

Every time I read of where God speaks of dwelling among His people, I cannot help but think back to the prophecy of Jesus’ coming, as Messiah. Gabriel told Joseph, Mary’s husband, that Jesus would also be named, Emmanuel – God with us. God dwelt among the Hebrews in the tabernacle and later in temple, which were holy places of God’s choosing and design. However, His ultimate design was for the human spirit to be His abode and where He would dwell among men.

After Jesus offered Himself as our atoning sacrifice and was resurrected from the dead, He sent us the promised gift of the Holy Spirit, who be our guide, teacher, and comforter. Paul taught us that we, believers, are indeed the temple of the Holy Spirit, and all believers, collectively, are being built into one huge temple of God, person by person. Likewise on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit invaded the upper room where the 120 disciples of Jesus had gathered. He rested upon each one of them with what appeared as fire above their heads. God had chosen and signified by this event that He would dwell among His people through God the Holy Spirit.

We should count every day as a blessing and privilege to know and have the Spirit of the Living God dwelling among us and in us. The ancient Israelites could only experience God through ritual and sporadic miracles and His Spirit’s resting or coming upon certain, specific individuals. We have the miracle of walking in relationship, a personal and intimate relationship, with God daily. We bypass the ritual and ceremony and can enter into the very throne room of God. Do you know the beauty and majesty of walking and talking with the Creator of the universe, as your personal Lord and Savior??? He can and will dwell among you and in you!

Father, thank You for choosing me as Your home and abode here on earth. You’ve chosen me as a member of Your family, and I want to experience all there is to being Your child and having the God of the universe, the Creator Yahweh, dwelling not only among my people and me, but in me personally. Lord, I want to have this house clean and swept pure before You. Cleanse me and purify me. Make me holy as You are holy. Draw near to me as I draw near to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.