Where is God’s Spirit driving you?

Immediately the Spirit drove Him into the wilderness
. – Mark 1:12

Jesus approached his cousin, John the Baptist, to be immersed in water, just as others coming to John were doing. John tried to stop Jesus from doing so, but Jesus enticed John to let it be that all might be fulfilled. Then God the Father spoke from heaven declaring that He was well pleased with Jesus’ obedience while God the Spirit descended upon Him in the form of a dove. Immediately after that occasion, the Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness, where Satan would tempt Jesus during 40 days of fasting.

Where is God’s Spirit driving you? Is it into a wilderness experience to test you and make you more like Jesus? Is it to some remote location to serve as a missionary? Or, is it right in the middle of your neighborhood or workplace to be a light in the midst of the darkness of this world? Wherever God leads you, be like Jesus – obedient. Jesus didn’t argue with the Spirit and went immediately into the desert wilderness to be tempted of Satan.

What? God led Jesus into the wilderness to tempted? Did God tempt His own Son? No! God led Jesus into the wilderness to learn obedience through His sufferings just as the Bible states. Satan took advantage of the opportunity to tempt Jesus during His weak moment while fasting for 40 days. Also, the Bible tells us that God tempts no man.

Thus, are you being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and going where He directs? Are you obedient to His calling? He is God! He is nonetheless God than Jehovah or Jesus! They are three in one! Seek the Spirit and listen to His leading. Jesus promised us that He, the Spirit, would come to convict, lead, guide and comfort. Trust Him. He knows the will and mind of God the Father. You may go through a trying time in the wilderness, but that time is for you betterment and to be made more in the image of God.

Father, I heard the words of Your Spirit today, and I will obey Your direction. Too many times in my life I have neglected Your promptings or just refused to listen. Because of these choices, I missed out on many blessings from You. I am learning my lessons and heeding Your call. Even when I’m in the middle of nowhere, I know that You have a purpose and a plan for it and are with me. As Jesus said, not my will, but Yours be done. In Jesus’ name, Amen.