Demons know to worship Jesus, do you?

When he saw Jesus from afar, he ran and worshiped Him.
Mark 5:6

Jesus and the apostles sailed across the Sea of Galilee into the former lands of the tribe of Gad. Where they landed, there were tombs where a demon-possessed man lived and couldn’t be bound by shackles and chains. The demons were that empowering. When Jesus approached him, he came running to Jesus and worshiped, as the demons began to cry out to Jesus and recognized that He was the Son of God. However, Jesus silenced the demons because it was not time for Him to be fully revealed as the Messiah. The demons begged Jesus to let them leave the man and enter into a herd of pigs, which Jesus graciously permitted. The man was set free and returned to his right mind.

Even the demons know that Jesus is to be worshiped. They used to live with Him in heaven even before the earth was formed. They knew who He was – God! They feared Him and asked if He’d come to torment them before their time had come. The demon knew that hell is their fate. They didn’t want to be cast into the abyss where they’d be tormented for eternity. People are not the only ones who will suffer in hell for all eternity. Satan, the false prophet, the anti-Messiah, and all who reject God’s love will roast like a hot dog forever!

Oh how foolish is man that he doesn’t have the faculties to recognize the Messiah, the Creator, and God of the universe when he sees Him! One day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess to the glory of the Father, Jesus is LORD! Demons recognize Jesus immediately and also those who follow Jesus and are His true disciples. Those that don’t and try to act like disciples of Jesus will find out, as did Sceva’s sons that demons are no joke and are for real. If a person doesn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, they are subject to the demons, as was the Gadarene demoniac. Let us learn who Jesus is and worship Him out of love as our Father, Brother, Friend, Lord, Savior, and Helper, not as the demons do out of fear! (Although we are to have a reverent fear of God the Father.)

Father, oh how I want to know You more and more each day. I used to know You out of pure knowledge and thought that I had eternal life because of the scriptures, but You woke me up one day and showed me that the scriptures refer to You, the giver of eternal life. I want our relationship to be so intertwined with one another that people don’t see me when they encounter me, but You! May it be so. I worship You out of my love for You! Praise be to You, Jesus! In Jesus’ name, Amen.