Jesus was our offering without leaven!

No grain offering which you bring to the Lord shall be made with leaven, for you shall burn no leaven nor any honey in any offering to the Lord made by fire. – Leviticus 2:11

God spoke to Moses and outlined all the prescribed steps necessary for the priests to offer the various sacrifices to Him. He mentioned how animals were to be without blemish. God said that no leaven or honey could be offered in any offering made to Him by fire. God was very particular about these ceremonial details because they demonstrated His demand for perfection and holiness. Any animal offering that was less than perfect or any made with a leavening agent was unacceptable to God. Such things represented sin and the fallen state of mankind. In order for man’s fallen state to be atoned, the substitute sacrifice had to without imperfections. Otherwise, the sacrifice would not be accepted by God.

Leavening agents in the Bible usually served as symbols of the effect of sin upon the human condition. For example, when yeast is used in baking, it spreads throughout the entire lump of dough and causes fermentation to occur and leaves pockets of gas in the dough, which result in the holes we see in bread that we eat. When sin enters into the life of a person, it spreads into every facet of that person’s life. No area is left unaffected. As sin gains a hold on a person’s life, it leaves pocked scars on the person that cannot be removed except by the power of God.

People often mire themselves in guilt and shame caused by the scars that sin leaves on their lives. They dwell on the thought that the sin scars are indelible, but in fact, they are only temporary once God cleanses a person of their sins through the blood atoning sacrifice of Jesus. Jesus was the perfect sacrifice. He knew no sin. He fulfilled the Law. He was born of the Holy Spirit and not of Adam’s line, so His Father was God not mankind. He therefore didn’t inherit the sin nature of Adam and was thus qualified to be our sacrifice as a sweet aroma to the LORD. There was leaven (sin) in Jesus.

If Jesus had sinned in any way or been born of Adam, then we all would still be suffering in our sins and headed for hell. Plain and simple! We need to take time today and thank God for sending Jesus to be our sin-atoning sacrifice and for the fact that He stayed pure in this life and endured the pain and cost of the cross to save us from the leavening that spoils the entire batch.

Father, thank You for sending Jesus to die for me in my place. I was born with leaven in my heart. I was disqualified from birth of being Your son, but Jesus made up for that by living a pure, undefiled life and suffered the pain and death of the cross. What I was unable to do, He did for me. Where there was sin in my life, He died and rose again to remove that leaven from me and make me as pure as He is. I am free from the scars and damage of sin because of Jesus. I am alive forever more to spend eternity with You because of Him! In Jesus’ name, Amen.