Do you fear (revere) the Most High God?

And Moses said to Aaron, “This is what the Lord spoke, saying: ‘By those who come near Me I must be regarded as holy; And before all the people I must be glorified.’” – Leviticus 10:3

Aaron’s two elder sons, as priests, went and put incense in their censers and approached the altar to present an unauthorized offering to God. Because these two rebelled against God’s holy commandments, He blazed forth fire from His presence and consumed the two priests. They died for their rebellion and disregard for God’s Word and holiness. Thus, God spoke to Moses, who in turn talked to Aaron and the people, that those who come before God must regard Him as holy and glorify Him. Holiness is no laughing matter with God Almighty!

It’s true that in the OT people were judged immediately for their sins if they approached God because of the sin in their lives. They had not been given the grace we have today through the blood sacrifice of Jesus. God can have no part of sin. Therefore, when sin enters His very presence, it’s judged immediately and fairly. The Bible tells us that we can approach the throne of Grace boldly but only because Jesus died for our sins. His royal blood masks our sins and wipes out our sin record before God thereby permitting us entry into the very throne room of God. If we were to be denied the blood of Jesus and attempt to enter into God’s presence, we would be consumed and judged guilty of sin and die, as did Aaron’s sons.

The other part of this passage deals with the young priests’ flippant attitude regarding God. They thought they could just present an offering any old time they wanted. Well, they found out the hard way that God is holy. He must be revered at all times! He didn’t put up with Satan’s attempted coup nor did He endure the pride and arrogance of these rebels. Although we have God’s grace, we must still revere God as a HOLY God and glorify Him alone! God will not share His glory with anyone else. Jehovah commands us to be holy as He is holy. It’s not an option. Without His holiness, no one can enter into His kingdom.

Do you regard God as Most Holy???? Do you have a healthy and reverent fear (respect) for God? Are you even holy, as your God is holy? Think on these things, and let God’s HOLY Spirit speak to you today about any area of deficiency in your relationship with Him. It will do you good.

Father, just as Jesus taught us, I fear no man but have a healthy dose of reverent respect/fear for You, who is able to kill both body and soul and cast them into the eternal fire. I desire to be holy as You are holy. I draw near to You, so that You may draw near to me. Open my eyes to any part of me that is not consecrated for You. I receive Your holiness through the blood of Jesus and humble myself before You. I dare not offer profane fire before You, as did Aaron’s sons. In Jesus’ name, Amen.