The sacrifice had to be perfect!

Whatever has a defect, you shall not offer, for it shall not be acceptable on your behalf.
Leviticus 22:20

Among the various ceremonial laws, there existed a law that forbade the offering of defective animals. The LORD stated emphatically that defective animals would not be accepted as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins. God made the point that whatever is offered to Him for the remission of sins must be holy as He is holy. He is perfect; therefore, any sacrifice to Him must be perfect.

Oh how we must realize the importance of Jesus being the perfect sacrifice. Within the code of the Mosaic Law, it states, Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year. Jesus is called the Lamb of God. Jesus, as this Lamb of God, came to [take] away the sin of the world and was slain from the foundation of the world.

In order for the sins of man to be forgiven, blood had to be shed. The sacrifice has to be perfect, without blemish. This means that Jesus could not have sin in Him. In fact the Bible states, He knew no sin. The only way for Jesus to have no sin in Him was to be born of a virgin. If He had been born of a man, He’d have inherited Adam’s sin nature and been immediately disqualified as a male of the first year without blemish. Sin is a huge blemish upon the soul of man.

Therefore, IF Jesus had gone to the cross with sin in Him, we would not have a gate and path into God’s family and kingdom. We would be like the foolish virgins standing outside the banquet hall clamoring to get inside only to hear the Groom say, I never you, depart you workers of iniquity. His sacrifice would have been rejected before God. The beauty of the situation is that although Jesus knew no sin, He became sin for us. Why? So that our sins would be imputed on us but on Him, and thereby, make a way for us to be redeemed as children of God. It’s through the sinless sacrifice of Jesus that we are accepted before God. That is why the Bible says there is no way to God the Father except through Jesus.

There is no possible way for us to enter into heaven or spend eternity with God through our power and ability. Our righteousness is like a pile of filthy rags to God. We can’t earn, buy, or work our way into heaven. No matter how good we think we are, there IS NOT one righteous person on earth. We have all gone astray. Therefore, there is no way to God the Father except through Jesus! Simply put, there is no other way!

Father, we humbly acknowledge the greatness of Jesus’ personal sacrifice for the sins of many. He knew no sin and became sin for us. He was perfect, whereas we were born in sin. Without Your perfection, we were doomed to the fate of demons and being tormented eternally in hell where worms never die and the fires never cease or are quenched. I cannot think or imagine a life without You. Although I am flawed and would not stand before You innocent of my sins, I do know that the blood of Jesus has pardoned me and erased completely the sin record I had before You. You accepted His blood in payment for my sins. His flawlessness paid for my flaws. Thank You, Jesus, for walking uprightly before the Father in this life and not bowing down to Lucifer when he tempted You. You already had all the kingdoms of this world and knew that You are God the Son. You knew Your place in heaven, in earth, and in the lives of those You’ve chosen to be Your children. We bow before You and pay the deepest homage to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.