If God can do it all, then why do you doubt Him?

For with God nothing will be impossible.
Luke 1:37

The angel Gabriel came to Mary, the mother of Jesus, and told her that she would conceive a child even though she was a virgin. Because of her being a virgin, she wondered at first how this would be possible. Gabriel explained that God would supernaturally conceive the pregnancy, and to this end, he said to her that with God nothing is impossible. She would later bear the child, who is the Son of God.

If an angel can come and tell a young woman that she will bear a child without the help of a man and it comes true, what is impossible with God? Absolutely nothing! Therefore, I ask you, What has God told you would happen in your life that seems physically impossible?

We can respond one of two ways to a prophetic message from God: accept it like Mary did or doubt it like Zechariah did when Gabriel told him that he and his wife would have a child in their old age. Zechariah lost his speech until all that the angel prophesied about his future son came to pass. Mary wasn’t chastised, as was her cousin, because she didn’t doubt the word of the LORD. She just didn’t understand how she could have a child without relations with a man. Once the angel explained it to her, she replied in faith, Let it be to me according to your word. She believed and was blessed. The priest doubted and suffered in silence until his son was born.

God has spoken to every disciple of Jesus and given us a prophetic word regarding the role we play or will play in the advancement of His kingdom. The trouble is that most people act like the priest and doubt the Word of the LORD.  I mean think about it. There was a man of God, a priest of all people, who worshiped God daily in the temple when it was his turn to do so.  He was even known as a man who followed God’s laws blamelessly! Yet, he still floundered at the word of Gabriel concerning the news of his son-to-be, John. On top of it, the angel told him that his prayer was answered. It wasn’t good enough that an angel prophesied over this priest, but he told him emphatically that his prayer had been heard by God and answered by God!

Have you been told by a messenger of God, either angelic or human, that your prayer has been answered and something miraculous would happen in your life only to walk away from it in doubt? If you have, revisit that moment in time and seek God out in the matter. The angel told the priest that he’d be silenced until all had been fulfilled. The promise of John would happen regardless of whether his dad believed it or not! The Word of God does what it was sent out to do. It doesn’t return void (or empty-handed) to God. Thus, if God spoke over you a promise or prophecy, then trust in it and in Him. He is true to His Word because He is the faithful God!

Take the same approach that Mary did – one of belief and submissions and willingness! You’ll find that life will be awesome when you do. Hearken unto the Word of God. It is the only constant truth in the universe.

Father, help me with my unbelief. Increase my faith, please. Help me to walk in complete trust according to the word You spoke over me regarding various aspects of my life. You gave me promises in the past. Some have come to pass; others are still to come. Help me to stay focused on the task at hand and to walk by faith and not by sight. If you can cause Abraham and Sarah to have a child in their 90s and Zechariah & Elizabeth in their old age, there is truly nothing impossible for You! You even put Moses to the test and asked him if there is anything too difficult for You. I know that You are able to do exceedingly great things above and beyond what my mind can conceive. Thus, I must put my whole trust in You. As when You spoke to Peter and said, Come, I will step out of my boat and approach You on the water. I ask, though, for Your help in keeping my eyes on You and not allowing the cares of life to distract me from the path You’ve set before me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.