Are you a blessed (and wise) servant?

Blessed is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes. –
Luke 12:43

Jesus told the parable of the faithful and evil servant to those that were with Him. In the parable He explained that the servant, who is blessed and wise, is the one found by his Master doing what the Master commands upon His return. Peter asked if the parable was just for them, the 12, or for all. Jesus continued on and made it apparent that all followers of Jesus must be watching for His return because no one knows when that time will be. The servant who is found not prepared or doing what the Master commanded would be severely punished.

For a couple of devotions, now (23 & 24 FEB 2012), we’ve looked at the idea of Jesus questioning us in our walk with Him as it relates to our obedience to His will and commands. Today, we consider another part of this walk. Are we blessed and wise servants doing what He commands and preparing ourselves for His imminent return? Jesus didn’t merely speak to His disciples and tell them to get ready for His return. He demanded they be ready! In other gospel accounts, He says, Watch! Are you really doing what God has told you to do, or again, are your doings merely what you’ve decided to do or not do???

In Luke 12, we read of the rich farmer (and fool) who trusted in his riches rather than God. As his hoard increased, he torn down his holdings to build room for the influx of new wealth. Rather than share the good gifts from God with others that they may enjoy God’s blessing, the man hoarded it and then lost his life. God asked him who would then own his possessions he laid up for himself.  Do you make the connection here with giving bringing blessing? Do you realize that the more you give away, the more you’ll receive from God? Now make the jump to connect all this to sharing your witness (and being God’s witness as we’re instructed) with others. You, in essence, are giving to the lost the map to the narrow path of life, as someone did for you.

If you hoard the grace of God given to you, you are laying up treasure for yourself. You’re stealing from those that deserve to hear the same Good News that you heard. Jesus told us not to store up treasure that is ruined by moth, rust, and thief but rather store up eternal treasures in heaven. Those eternal treasures are the souls of the lost that come to Jesus through witness! Everything else in life is temporary, so why do you stockpile food, clothes, money, and things in this life that will only be consumed later by you or others? You brought nothing in this world and can take nothing with you (BUT THE LIFE OF ANOTHER PERSON CONVERTED TO GOD!).

Do the will of the Father. Share the Good News of Jesus’ death and resurrection and how His grace can save them, the lost, through their faith in Him! Remember how this ties in with the lessons we’ve learned over the past two sessions.

Father, oh that more of us would stand up and declare Your Truth to this dying world. Too many people have come to You and found salvation only to hoard Your love for themselves rather than share it with all people so that some might be saved. Paul became all things to all people, so that he might save some. Help us to be as he was and not be ashamed of Your Good News and to proclaim it loudly! As he said, “woe to me if I do not preach the gospel.” I don’t want to be guilty of hoarding Your love and grace. I will open my mouth to share Your Truth with as many as possible. I will sow the Word, the Seed, among all types of ground, so that some Seed may fall on good soil and produce a harvest of 30, 60 or 100 fold. Your will be done. In Jesus’ name, Amen.