Who’s voice do you heed?

Yet they will by no means follow a stranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers.John 10:5

Jesus taught the people in a parable about His being the Keeper of the Gate and the Good Shepherd. They didn’t understand that He spoke about salvation coming through Him and the sacrifice of His blood on the cross. All those are part of God’s family are His sheep. No one enters into that flock unless they come through Jesus. Anyone who tries to come another way is a thief and a robber. Jesus also noted that His sheep will not listen to any other voice but His own because they know it and will not follow another voice.

What voice are you listening to today? Are you following the Voice of the Holy Spirit, the voice of God? Or, are you deceived, even self-deceived, into believing and following another? The Bible tells us on no uncertain terms that there are many false prophets and teachers who will rise up in these last days to deceive as many as possible, even the elect if that were possible. Elsewhere the Word tells us the devil masquerades as an angel of “light” and is no wonder that his ministers can appear as ministers of “righteousness.”

Jesus warned us to “be not deceived.” We are told to make our election sure. The danger in the world today is that people don’t know the truth anymore. The truth of the gospel has been diluted and polluted to the point that most people don’t really even know what the gospel really is! The true gospel is that God loved mankind so much that He gave Himself to pay the price for our sin! We are saved by grace through faith in God’s work on the cross and resurrection. We don’t deserve it, and we didn’t do anything to earn it.

When God’s Spirit calls you to the Father, you will know it. The power of His conviction will be so overwhelming yet so comforting that there is no mistaking Who is calling you. God will not force Himself on you. However, once you’ve come to God and know His still, small voice, then you’ll never depart from Him. His love is so great that you won’t want to be with anyone else. As time progresses, you begin to hear more and more of God speaking to you, teaching you, and guiding you. You learn to lean on that Voice for everything!

Then when others, false prophets and teachers and even false angels (demons), come to try to deceive you into leaving God, you will know their deceptive practices and be able to distinguish between the Voice of God and the voice of impostors. In fact it will come to the point that when you hear the voice of a “stranger,” you will flee from them. Why? Because they are ministers of death! They are “ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing.” They try to come into the flock and steal sheep (you and me) through any means necessary. Don’t be deceived. Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. Jesus is the Truth!

Father,  I hear Your voice more than any other. Many come and try to whisper lies into my spiritual ears and set deceptive pictures before my spiritual eyes to lure me away from You. However, I seek You diligently, and I know that You reward those who do so. I will not follow another. I flee from the false ones and their message of death and enslavement. If I am to be enslaved by anyone, it is to You that I am a slave. There is peace and safety in Your flock. As a part of the flock, I know that I am protected by the One with Whom all things are possible. No weapon formed against me will prosper, and there is shelter in You. Help me to hear Your voice more clearly every day. I don’t and won’t follow anyone but You! Teach me how to stay on the narrow path that leads to life and to follow Your voice even through the darkest of places like the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Your Light will shine away the gloom and doom. In Jesus’ name, Amen.